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Just Over a Week to Go!

I leave for Minnesota and Lake Itasca on the 24th, a week from yesterday.  We’ll be pedaling south on the 26th.  I’d like to see as many folks along our route as would care to come out and join us … Continue reading

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“Next, give me an example of a question that is moot.”

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News Flash!!

“We now go to Lickspittle Central, where a spokesperson says…” Well, that’s the news from Pretendyland. In the real world, The Oaf doesn’t come off so well.  In fact… well, in addition to the reasons already posted, let’s see. Such … Continue reading

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Ask a Simple Question…

What is the definition of “defamation?”

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That was then, this is now…

OhmiGod!  The Oaf’s PD is in free-fall!  Huge deterioration in just four months!  From driving!  From holding a job!  From being able to stand for more than 10 minutes at a time!  From being able to be “on the air” … Continue reading

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Oh Man, I’m Too Busy for This…

Bill, Bill, Bill… I am busy beyond belief.  In ten days I fly to Minnesota to start a 2,500 mile/4,000 kilometer almost two month-long bicycle trip.  I’m planning, organizing, coordinating 50 or so nights of lodging, sorting, repairing, packing… you … Continue reading

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Shameless Request for Donations

I’ll not belabor doing this. As I noted, the ‘Net is full of requests for your money these day. David

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