Because History Started in 2008

The Aptly Named Wonkblog of the Washington Post:

“The probability of global catastrophe is very high,” the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists warned in setting the Doomsday Clock 2.5 minutes before midnight earlier this year. On nuclear weapons and climate change, “humanity’s most pressing existential threats,” the Bulletin’s scientists found that “inaction and brinkmanship have continued, endangering every person, everywhere on Earth.”

Every day, it seems, brings with it fresh new horrors. Mass murderCatastrophic climate changeNuclear annihilation.

It’s all enough to make a reasonable person ask: How much longer can things go on this way?

Fifty million people died in World War II.

The Black Death killed 75 to 200 million between 1346–1350.

Jimmy Carter was President for four years.

Hillary Clinton was once our highest ranking diplomat.

We’ll probably get through this just fine.

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3 Responses to Because History Started in 2008

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    The Doomsday clock exists, but is not a real thing. You could more or less read it as
    achieving what democrats want at expected pace: +0 seconds
    achieving what democrats want at faster than expected pace +5 seconds
    democrat’s wants are stalled: -5 seconds
    republican wants are granted -10 seconds.
    doomsday approaches +0 seconds
    doomsday recedes +0 seconds


  2. Adriane says:

    Eve of Destruction,
    Tax Deduction,
    City Inspectors, Bill Collectors,
    Solid Gold in Demand, Population Out a Hand
    Suicide, Too many Bills,
    Hippies moving to the hills,
    People all over the World, are shouting, “End the War!”
    … and the band played on …


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