Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas

I love Christmas music, and Burl Ives was a musical genius, but if I hear ‘Holly, Jolly Christmas’ one more time, I’m going to flip.  

It is the ‘You Light Up My Life’ and ‘La Bamba’ of Christmas tunes. 

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3 Responses to Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas

  1. Adriane says:

    Front flip, or back flip? With 1/2 twist or full twist? Heads or tails? The devil is in the details … or in your car, buretor.

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  2. Not one of my faves, but I don’t mind it. The one I hate is Paul McCartney’s execrable “Wonderful Christmas Time.” It’s a sonorous, tuneless, and utterly joyless dirge that seems to be written and performed with sly contempt for the very concept of Christmas.

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  3. Christmas is the only holiday with a true soundtrack of hundreds of songs. How odd is it that most of the music was performed by people now dead? Outside country and a very few pop/easy listening artists, I hear Bing, Dean and company.


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