University of Oregon Identifies Administrators With Too Much Time on Their Hands

From The Regressive Left:

Students, faculty, and staff who feel threatened, harassed, intimidated, triggered, microaggressed, offended, ignored, under-valued, or objectified because of their race, gender, gender identity, sexuality, disability status, mental health, religion, political affiliation, or size are encouraged to contact the BRT.

The team is composed of seven administrators, which include Oregon’s “multicultural inclusion support specialist,” LGBT director, and “Native American Retention Specialist.” The BRT’s goal is to eradicate bias on campus, making Oregon a safer place. Bias is defined as “any physical, spoken, or written act” that targets another person, even unintentionally. The team’s posters propose examples of bias incidents: statements like “Thanks, sweetie,” and “I don’t see color,” apparently qualify. 

More on this from Minding the Campus:

Writing in The Washington Post, Catherine Rampell tells us that the University of Oregon’s “bias report team” counted 85 incidents in the past year. including these:

  • A poster featuring a “triggering image” displaying “body size” bias.
  • Sexually explicit doodles on Post-its.
  • Too little coverage of transgender students in the newspaper.
  • A professor joking that a nontraditional student was “too old to answer a question about current events.”
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4 Responses to University of Oregon Identifies Administrators With Too Much Time on Their Hands

  1. Gus Bailey says:

    … and “I don’t see color,” apparently …

    So, MLK is a racist?


    • Maybe. Given their philosophies, I’d suggest MLK and JFK would be moderate to conservative Republicans if the time machine plopped them down into 2016. I bet if a white guy read Kennedy’s Inaugural address (minus ‘ask not what you country…’) on a college campus, heads would roll. Till they found out it was JFK’s words.


  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    “multicultural inclusion support specialist”. How does someone get that job? Why is that a job? Were they originally a multicultural inclusion support technician? It sounds like a waste of money. Sounds like a job a con artist would come up with. Or the onion. Do you have a multicultural inclusion support specialist, or are you the kind of racist rape culture cis-gendered homophobe who doesn’t have a a multicultural support specialist? If you try to call bull they threaten to sue you.

    Apparently a guilty mind and a guilty act aren’t needed, just someone to claim hurt feels. That means the cost, a claim of personal offense that is unproven, is low, but the benefit, harm to an enemy without personal effort, is all too high. Bad policy for those of us aware of people engaged in shut-uppery.

    Also, I know someone who literally doesn’t see color. “I don’t see color.” would literally be true. He lacks cones in his eyes, and only sees in black in white. So, if he made a literal and complete statement of truth about a disability, he could be punished. Good job mini-tyrants.

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