Twitter Deletes Another Dangerous Miscreant

I’m sure they’re just trying to keep you from committing harassment and making people feel unsafe, Father Paul. (heavy sarcasm here)

UPDATE/OPINION: Cut. Jib. Newsletter.

Da Tech Guy says “Stacy McCain is the test case. Folks it’s time to choose sides.”

Via Instapundit:


A Conservative Christian Man

Heh. The slaughter continues … I tried to log into Twitter this morning and my account is gone, POOF! I intended to delete my account tomorrow but they pre-empted me! So I have moved on to both (even though they hate conservatives) where my handle is @FrPaulLemmen and where my handle is @frpauhllemmen. Please come join me and follow my accounts, I’ll follow back!Avatar2016

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9 Responses to Twitter Deletes Another Dangerous Miscreant

  1. Thanks for the reblog guys!

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  2. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Folks this happened to be in 2013 and I was the Victim of group targeted harassment. And they are still harassing.

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  3. Thanks Dave for the link!
    As I told someone via email today, I think my next step is to calmly, one tweet at a time deconstruct @femFreq’s horrible analysis and see how long I take to get banned.
    I’ll try to keep a download going of my tweets so when they ban me I can pull out all of them and say “how is any of this harassing?”

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  4. Jeanette Victoria says:

    But this is NOT abusive even if it is a lie, the closer I ever got to Risperdal was passing it to my patients Funny how cowardly anon troll @NicoleBonnet1 pulls up a photo of someone who is suffering from tardive dyskinesia the side-effects of the first generation ant-psychotics…these side effects like this rarely happen today.

    And Thomas A Mix believes her lies completely

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