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Mark Steyn — Quote of the Day

Mark Steyn writes about those occasions when Donald Trump goes off script, and declares them to be excellent:

The trouble is Trump is left to his own devices less and less. The Republican base voted for Trumpism: an end to illegal immigration, an end to one-sided trade deals, an end to the spiraling cost of and dwindling access to health care, an end to decade-and-a-half unwon wars, an end to the hyper-regulation of every aspect of American life, an end to freeloader “alliances” like Nato, an end to the toxic bargain of “globalism” wherein all the jobs in your town migrate to the Third World and all the Third World migrates to your town.

And this, when Angela Merkel dared to call terror “Islamist.”

“What about Mohammed? Was he an Islamist?”

I think we all know the answer to that. President Erdoğan certainly does. Having previously declared that the concept “moderate Islam” is ugly and offensive because “Islam is Islam”, he recently rebuked Angela Merkel, mutasarrıf of his German sanjak, for using the term “Islamist terrorism”. “Such an expression is not correct because Islam and terror cannot be associated. The meaning of Islam is peace.” Or else.

Yes, or else exactly.




Victor David Hanson Takes on ‘Never Trumpers’

So much can go wrong in a Donald Trump presidency, but Victor David Hanson notes that most of the predictions have been wrong.

One of the biggest and baddest smears comes from the left, convinced that Trump is a totalitarian thug. Hitler with crazier hair and a prettier wife. Yeah, about that:

From American Greatness: 

So far all the political violence associated with the election of Trump, from Inauguration to the latest campus rioting, has been on the Left. No pro-Trump crowds don masks, break windows or shut down traffic.

Okay, this time when I tell you guys to “hit Starbucks…” I actually mean “let’s get some cappuccino with soy after the demonstration.” 


The crudity in contemporary politics—from the constant sick jokes referring to First Family incest, smears against the First Lady, low attacks on the Trump children, boycotts of the Inauguration, talk and dreams of killing the president—is on the liberal/progressive side. The entertainment industry’s obscenity and coarseness have been picked up by mainstream Democratic officials, who now routinely resort to profanities like s–t and f–k to attack the president. Almost every ethical code—television journalists do not report on air private conservations with their guests during breaks, opposition congressional representatives do attend the Inauguration, Senators do not use obscenities—have been abandoned in efforts to delegitimize Trump.

They’ve lost what was left of their civility, courtesy and minds. 

h/t Instapundit — who picked just about the same quote. Because it is important and true.

I No Longer Trust the U.S. Government

No. Not that one. The other one.

Gary Bauer of the Campaign for Working Families [and formerly of The Family Research Council] points out that Donald Trump’s charges relating to wiretapping by the Obama administration really are not that far fetched:

When Fox reporter James Rosen began filing stories that were embarrassing to the Obama Administration, the Justice Department seized his phone records and emails. They also went after his parents’ phone records.

The Obama Justice Department seized the records of 20 phone lines at the Associated Press too.

When Sharyl Atkinson was tenaciously investigating a number of Obama scandals, someone hacked into her computer. Experts brought in by CBS confirmed the sophisticated hack, which Atkinson later claimed was executed by a “government-related entity.”

We also know that the Obama Administration spied on allies such as Angela Merkel, as well as members of Congress who were skeptical of the Iranian nuclear deal.

I could go on. But, in closing, I’ll mention the most obvious abuse — the IRS operation to deny Tea Party organizations tax exempt status while conservative groups were being aggressively audited.

Of course, it sounds absurd that a president would spy on a candidate.

Image result for watergate hotel


On the other hand, if we learned anything from the Lois Lerner situation…we know that there are smug, arrogant individuals who believe they are justified in using the power of government to advance an agenda. Actually, that’s about all there is in Washington, D.C.


Quote of the Day

Clearing up nothing, but that’s D.C. these days:

Either: the president used thinly sourced media reports to float a conspiracy theory about his predecessor and he was wrong; or, citing thinly sourced media reports, he overstated the details of an actual investigation into his activities or the activities of those around him, alleging presidential involvement without evidence; or, citing thinly sourced media reports, he accurately accused the former president of doing something highly illegal and accidentally uncovered what would surely be one of the biggest scandals in U.S. history. Whatever the case, the events of the last two days will undoubtedly have lasting effects. — Stephen F Hayes

Door number three sounds good.


CNN Did This a Lot With Clinton and Obama, I’m Sure

Expect the blinds to be drawn next time somebody gets chewed out in the Oval Office.

From the UK Daily Mail:

Video emerges of Trump’s ‘furious argument’ with top adviser Steven Bannon as Ivanka and Jared look on, hours before President made phone tapping claims

Just a reminder. Video does not emerge. It is gathered from camera aimed directly at a particular place, with long-range lenses and equipment to record everything for a long period of time. That’s not reporting, that’s surveillance.

There’s a bunch of other stuff in the news including accusations of wiretapping this weekend…but I’m more likely to criticize the media which peeps into the Executive Mansion.  

Maybe Trump Meant “Tomorrow night…”

NY Times:

Residents of a Stockholm suburb predominantly inhabited by immigrants clashed with police officers after a man was arrested on suspicion of selling drugs.

The episode drew attention to Mr. Trump’s vague but pointed recent criticism of the country’s migration policies.

While Donald Trump apparently lacks an “off” button, or a level of tact we’d all appreciate, he is right about the increase in immigrant crime in Europe. It’s unseemly to call Mexicans rapists or Muslim immigrants criminals, but sometimes those things are true.

If your response to being called violent is to smash windows and torch cars, you are in fact an idiot.