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Stop the Presses! TV News Lies to You!

The video showed the gun right advocates stumped, just stumped by a simple question. Reality disagrees. Washington Free Beacon: Gun Rights Group Files $12 Million Suit Against Katie Couric: The Virginia gun rights group whose members were deceptively portrayed in Katie … Continue reading

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Eugene Volokh: Mass. Churches Are Covered by the Transgender Laws

The left will not stop with schools, sporting events and other so-called public places.  Bathroom rules, multi-gender-based pronouns, so-called offensive speech rules…  These will be enforced everywhere. Massachusetts: Churches may be covered by transgender discrimination bans, as to ‘secular events’ … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Looking for a Fixer Upper

However, my wife has rejected this one.  She say’s I’m the fixer upper, and that I can’t hammer a nail without bending it, so…no. Source.  

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If I Made You Buy a Gun…

Actually I won’t make you buy anything, like health insurance or even make a cake… Source. Of course there are big differences between Switzerland and Mexico.  Delicious chocolates, for instance.  Precision knives.  Highly accurate watches. Just remember, if you own … Continue reading

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Gender and Sexuality

Are not my areas of expertise, and I don’t want to get good at writing about them. However, The American Spectator writer Janice Shaw Crouse writes about a new report on the psychology and biology of sex: The article pointed … Continue reading

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True Fact

As a child, I believed that the ABC’s had a string of letters which said “Lemon yellow pee.” I have discovered two other students who also say it this way.   You may notice that my sister got a lunchbox, … Continue reading

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Terror Alert Orange

The lockdown at Andrews Air Force Base this morning was apparently related to a planned drill.  They were in the middle of an active shooter drill, when somehow somebody got the message screwed up.  Better safe than sorry. Carrot Top … Continue reading

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Riots Don’t Just Happen

An interesting take on the San Jose riots.   In the 1960s, the ideological ancestors of today’s riot-makers were anarchists intent on implementing their own form of organized violence, and their tactics are worth revisiting. The leftists would mobilize people … Continue reading

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I Want to Be a Liberal

I want to be a liberal. I want to believe that by raising the minimum wage, I can put more money in people’s pockets. I don’t need to chase down the actual source of that ‘more money.’ I want to … Continue reading

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All Men Lie Online

A Public Service Announcement from the Sperm Bank Association Daily Wire: Xytex, a Georgia-based sperm bank, is being sued by a lesbian couple from Canada for selling them sperm from a guy under false pretenses. When Angie Collins and her … Continue reading

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