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If someone posted this Tweet about you, would you want to know what they meant by “security?”  You know, vague threats are still threats.

Oh, and if you’re reading this, and there is no Tweet above these words, it means the message was deleted by a serial deleter of Tweets, or Twitter caught up with his shenanigans.  For the record, here’s a picture I have saved:


For the background, Google Bill Schmalfeldt. He’s famous for his failed lawsuits, and poor reading comprehension. The Encyclopedia Dramatica has a neat trip down memory lane.

If you choose to comment, please remember that you and you alone are responsible for your words. That is also true of Bill Schmalfeldt, whose own writings tell a odd story.

The author is responsible for his or her own words.




You Know What Would Really Generate a Radio Audience?

Frequent references to blood and warts. Plus the word stab.



At some point, people at Hogewash!, BillySez and Thinking Man’s Zombie might start to wonder if Bill Preston-Schmalfeldt is intentionally living his life in an attempt to convince a judge that he cannot be held responsible for his own actions. 

It’s one thing to find a “Kick Me” sign on your back. It’s another thing entirely if you notice that it is in your own handwriting.





Massey Energy CEO Getting Out of Jail

Readers of this blog recognize that Brett Kimberlin had hoped to testify about Don Blankenship, as Brett Kimberlin is a mine safety expert…having dug quite a few holes for himself over the years:

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) – Former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship is finishing up a one-year federal prison sentence arising from the deadliest U.S. mine explosion in four decades.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons website, Blankenship was set to be released Wednesday from a halfway house in Phoenix, Arizona. He must serve one year of supervised release.

“I’m glad he had time to reflect on the pain he caused,” former U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin, whose office in Charleston prosecuted the case, said in a text message to The Associated Press ahead of Blankenship’s release. “I hope he used it wisely and will come out of prison ready to make amends.”


That’s from the Kimberlin v. Team Themis, et al. (Electric Boogaloo) as quoted in my original post on the matter Brett Kimberlin:Mine Safety Expert.

Donald Blankenship’s company was involved in an accidental explosion — which could be tied to negligence. Twenty-nine men died. 

Brett Kimberlin built 8 bombs deliberately, and one man died — a suicide after years of pain and several operations.  Deliberate.

Team Knucklehead Forged Document of the Day

The latest in a series in which I doctor legal documents to say what they really mean, using the techniques of Team Kimberlin. The following is not an excerpt of a document recently published on Hogewash! but is in fact a work of fiction:


For context: John Hoge is suing Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt in part because they are knuckleheads, but also because they used social media and the courts to try to destroy John Hoge’s reputation. Hoge’s supposed offense was telling the truth about both these clowns.


Used without permission. If Hoge sues me, I’ll show up.

As far as Schmalfeldt’s advanced mostly cured Parkinson’s disease, he gets around just fine, and I’m sure it would be only a minor inconvenience to him to show up when he is sued.  

Most recent Hogewash post on the subject is here.

German Government to Choose Which Stories are Not Fake

Yeah, that’s not really going to work:

German officials are following through on their promise to do something about fake news and “hate speech” on the Internet. A proposed law that Angela Merkel supports would impose fines as high as $53 million on social-media networks that do not satisfactorily police what their users post. Wednesday, Merkel’s cabinet approved the “draft bill” likely to become law. Germany already has speech restrictions, but this bill would go a step further by making companies such as Twitter and Facebook responsible to remove offending content within 24 hours.

I’m not German, and couldn’t imagine living where there are such restrictions. I could stay put in the U,S., and see what it’s like in a few years. 

To review: A free press, and free speech means some things printed or broadcast will be wrong. Some will be deliberately wrong.  Some will be maliciously wrong. The civil courts can handle this, and individual citizens in charge of what they believe is the only solution.

Put the government in charge of the truth, and soon there will be none.

Go Fund My Efforts to Evade Service

Medical Update: Mr. Schmalfeldt is not suffering from cancer.

“I just ducked a bullet. I was tested for esophageal cancer today and came back with a clean bill of health. Although I first conceived of this adventure while waiting to see if I had a deadly illness (and happy to learn that I do not) I would still like to take this trip with the hope of showing everyone that even in this day and age, we are all Americans with more to unite us than to divide us.”

I am glad to hear that we are all Americans. Some of us are Americans who produce and serve…while others attach themselves barnacle-like to the hull of America, hoping to catch a free ride. 



Bill Schmalfeldt has a gofundme page to get others to pay for a road trip:

Whatever the medical testing over the next two weeks comes up with, I’ve decided I would like to create a video tribute to the country I love, the nation I served in the military and as a civil servant. 

Apparently he now thinks he is very sick. After decades of claiming an incurable disease, he might be really, no kidding sick now. He might be, but since he has amazing powers of healing heretofore unknown to human kind, I think he might be okay.

Honestly, if a disease is inside his body, I feel badly for the disease.

I would like to raise $15,000 to fund a 35-day trip to videotape all of the state capitols in the lower 48. Your donation would be used to get video of these historic buildings, cities, and — if I can wrangle it — interviews with state officials.

If they Google him, they won’t be interviewed.

Meanwhile, John Hoge has some plans to get Bill Schmalfeldt some important paperwork:

See more here at Hogewash!.



In general, I try to give Schmalfeldt some level of respect — by simply taking him seriously as a news subject. He has suggested some silly things in his day — that Hoge is KILLING HIM!!11!!,  or that HOGE had something to do with Shmalfeldt’s wife’s death, or that Paul Krendler is…well, lots of people.

But to suggest that complete strangers but gas, hotels and fast food so that Bill Schmalfeldt can create a diary of the country he loves…

While evading service in a civil suit…

Keeping his address secret even from the court…


Update. From 2013:


The bottom left corner is most interesting. 

This is not the itinerary of someone who was immobile in 2013 from a disease which never gets better. Or someone who will ask a court to allow him to appear by Skype because travel is too difficult.



The Gift of Prophecy

Hey!  I made the Perloined Parodies Twitter!  Somebody high five me!

My original comment, from BillySez, is an answer to Bill Schmalfeldt’s statement here:

Screenshot 2016-06-04 18.25.111


So Bill SeZ that it is his policy that while someone is dealing with a crisis in his family, Bill tries to lay low.  I called him out, saying that when John Hoge’s wife was diagnosed with cancer, Bill ignored a Peace Order to contact John Hoge.

He in theory said the right words, offering to use his excellent contacts with the National Institutes of Health to help out the Hoges.  A judge refused to punish Schmalfeldt for violating the order.

MIND reader.png

I meant “know,” but you already new that.

So, how did I know that Bill intended harassment?  Lets wander through some other Tweets in the same time frame:

CONCERN.pngConcern 2.png

Are these the comments of a concerned individual, or the statements of someone with cruel intent?  Readers need to choose for themselves.  John Hoge tried to have Bill Schmalfeldt disciplined by the court for breaking a Peace Order, but the judge disagreed.

John Hoge reported on the judge’s decision on the matter:

Judge Ellinghaus-Jones found that Bill Schmalfeldt did contact me in violation of the current peace order, but because she because she believed his story about his intent to offer help for Mrs. Hoge’s cancer treatment, she found him not guilty.

She also sternly warned him to never contact me again.

Aaron Walker has more here, from the day of the hearing.

Bottom line: My opinion differs from that of the judge.

I’ve learned to live with such things.

How do I know that Bill Schmalfeldt’s intent in writing a letter to John Hoge was harassment?  I have to use available evidence, and personal history.

Is it mind reading? ESP? Psychic gifts?


Bill’s history, as demonstrated by unwanted tweets (at least that 367 of them) and his blog posts (mostly memory holed by Bill by now, but archived) and the above Tweets, demonstrate a state of mind which only allows harassment as a motive.  

In my opinion, the judge didn’t know enough of Schmalfeldt’s history to actually perceive his motive.  Kind of like someone who misses the sarcasm in a piece of online writing, the judge just read the letter literally.

As a general rule, if Bill Schmalfeldt contacts you online, he wants help harassing someone else, or he is harassing you.  In my opinion.

Billy Sez And I will do whatever I can 614x900

A few months later, he sent an email to John Hoge about how he’d like to help him out regarding medical treatments for John’s wife.