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Can You Pray When the Cops Come?

I know a lot of people who have prayed when they were pulled over. First Liberty has an interesting case of a woman who was confronted by police for a noise complaint. Two police officers came to the home of … Continue reading

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Sleepless in St. Francis

Dave called our attention here to Bill Schmalfeldt’s latest consultation over at JustAnswer.  It is almost poignant. Poignant, that is, until the answer smacks you right between the eyes.

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You know we can hear you….

When I consult with my attorney, I’m always careful to find a nice, private place.  Like his office, or the visiting area of the county jail.  h/t rustyrayles for the link. I’m not qualified to answer the question, but the … Continue reading

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As a Retired Lawyer…

…one of the small pleasures I have in life is using the knowledge and skills I have acquired over a lifetime of professional education, training and practical experience to help friends who are dealing with legal issues of one kind … Continue reading

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