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Why Science is Not “Settled”

Really, there are two reasons, maybe more. The first is that however our understanding of a science seems to fit the real world, eventually we come up with new theories. Newtonian physics worked great until Einstein described something else. Secondly, … Continue reading

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This Story Has Everything!

UK Telegraph: Norway orders reindeer slaughter days before Christmas Just days before Rudolph flies off to draw Santa’s sleigh at Christmas, dozens of his reindeer kin have received a death sentence after a Norwegian court ordered they be slaughtered to preserve … Continue reading

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It’s Metaphor, or Something

Guy feeds bears to prevent them from killing his dogs.  Gentle bear pets dog. Internet coos.  The next day, the guy forgets to feed the bears. Sorry to ruin your dreams, but that dog-petting polar bear just ate a husky … Continue reading

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If the ‘Science is Settled,’ Why are There So Many Questions?

I read a fascinating article in Nature.com on the influence of the Southern Ocean on climate.  I’m not a scientist, so I can’t examine the truth of the article, but I do know words. Certain words and phrases in the … Continue reading

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One Measure of Climate Change Might be Very Wrong

But, I thought the science was settled? – Dave Alexander From phys.org: Climate scientists found* they could measure ocean temperature by looking at the change in the TEX-86 index, a temperature proxy named for the 86-carbon lipids in the cell … Continue reading

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Sun May Influence Earth Temperatures, Say Scientists Who Are Still Not Sure

No, this is not satire or parody.  Solar activity is in decline.  Sunspots are declining in number. Is Earth slowly heading for a new ice age? Looking at the decreasing number of sunspots, it may seem that we are entering … Continue reading

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