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What If the Allegations Are Untrue?

Charlie Rose has admitted fault but thought the young people working with him wanted to see his nakedness. Jeffrey Tambor has resigned from Transparent because he has been accused of improper behavior by an assistant: Variety: “I am aware that … Continue reading

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Now People Are Making Things Up So I Can Mock Them

@MTA will alter Time Sq subway tiles that look a little like Confederate Flag. MTA says it's not that. News reports differ. #1010WINS pic.twitter.com/hKg2UVXmI6 — NYRogerStern (@NYRogerStern) August 18, 2017 The Daily Caller says the tiles will be changed because … Continue reading

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Stupid and Evil

When a white man runs down people in Charlottesville, Va. his motivations are clear. We never ask “why does he hate?”  The entire episode is solidified into an easily understood narrative within an hour.  Link to the Free Beacon. You … Continue reading

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Celebrities Have Just as Much Right to Be Idiots as the Rest of Us

Friday afternoon Update: Yes, yes she does. Celebrities Have Just as Much Right to Be Idiots as the Rest of Us… And they are taking full advantage of that right, according to Breitbart: I don’t mind them speaking out, though … Continue reading

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Because THAT’S What We Need

We need people to enforce “anti-racism” laws. Good heavens. Save us from these idiots. 2 Chinese guys were arrested in Berlin for making nazi salutes. Wouldn't it be nice 2 have laws here for people who think racism is funny? … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

You’ve been told that straight white men are worse than the Nazis. You have been told nothing good about your sex, your race, or your orientation, but I’m going to tell you something good, and it is: If the patriarchy … Continue reading

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Drudge Headline Placement

Never a coincidence.

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