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Lazy Journalism Words

From Instapundit: WEIRD, I WONDER IF IT’S BECAUSE THE “CALLS” ARE BASED IN DUMB EMOTIONAL BULLYING: The Hill: Calls for new gun laws are falling on deaf ears. Renewed calls for stricter gun controls following a school shooting in Florida … Continue reading

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The American Spectator Points a Finger

…and it’s not at gun owners. American Spectator: The liberal elite’s hoped-for “conversation” about guns would never proceed like one. They are not looking for a dialogue but an occasion to diatribe without ever having to answer for their own … Continue reading

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How Can This Even Happen?

Amazon Prime: The NFL Films documentary did not have this error. The icon to choose the film has been up for at least three days. I noticed it, and figured it would be fixed. Not yet.

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This Would be a Step in the Right Direction

How about we don’t give shooters the attention they want? You wanna be famous? This should not be the way to do it.

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Watching the Tele

My trip into British comedic archaeology took me to these two shows, now on Amazon Prime:    These were originally on the tele (along with a penguin) in 1967. Notice that individuals the Monte Python troupe were in each, and … Continue reading

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From The Artisan Craft Blog Division of Weights and Measures

We need a scale with which to measure fake outrage. Kyle Smith of National Review hints at a solution, in an essay on how millennials are being triggered by the inappropriate comedy of the sitcom Friends: Working up a Cory Booker … Continue reading

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Same Report, Different Writers

Too long, won’t read? Scroll to the bottom. – Dave From the Most Excellent WUWT: From the “you really should get your stories straight” department. OK, here is press release #1 from the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA (USF HEALTH) Melting of … Continue reading

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