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Victor David Hanson Takes on ‘Never Trumpers’

So much can go wrong in a Donald Trump presidency, but Victor David Hanson notes that most of the predictions have been wrong.

One of the biggest and baddest smears comes from the left, convinced that Trump is a totalitarian thug. Hitler with crazier hair and a prettier wife. Yeah, about that:

From American Greatness: 

So far all the political violence associated with the election of Trump, from Inauguration to the latest campus rioting, has been on the Left. No pro-Trump crowds don masks, break windows or shut down traffic.

Okay, this time when I tell you guys to “hit Starbucks…” I actually mean “let’s get some cappuccino with soy after the demonstration.” 


The crudity in contemporary politics—from the constant sick jokes referring to First Family incest, smears against the First Lady, low attacks on the Trump children, boycotts of the Inauguration, talk and dreams of killing the president—is on the liberal/progressive side. The entertainment industry’s obscenity and coarseness have been picked up by mainstream Democratic officials, who now routinely resort to profanities like s–t and f–k to attack the president. Almost every ethical code—television journalists do not report on air private conservations with their guests during breaks, opposition congressional representatives do attend the Inauguration, Senators do not use obscenities—have been abandoned in efforts to delegitimize Trump.

They’ve lost what was left of their civility, courtesy and minds. 

h/t Instapundit — who picked just about the same quote. Because it is important and true.

Ohio Law Criminalizes “abusing, threatening, or harassing…” Speech

Yeah, good luck with that. But wait, there’s more! Guess who is exempt?

Ohio Rev. Code § 2917.21 provides:

(B)(2) No person shall knowingly post a text or audio statement or an image on an internet web site or web page for the purpose of abusing, threatening, or harassing another person. …

(F) Divisions (A)(5) to (11) and (B)(2) of this section do not apply to a person who, while employed or contracted by a newspaper, magazine, press association, news agency, news wire service, cable channel or cable operator, or radio or television station, is gathering, processing. transmitting, compiling, editing, or disseminating information for the general public within the scope of the person’s employment in that capacity or the person’s contractual authority in that capacity.

So if you say anything online about anyone — from the president on down — you could be criminally punished, so long as a prosecutor and jury conclude that your motive was “abusing” or “harassing” someone. 

Forget the obvious: how can you determine if something is published for the purpose of abusing, threatening, or harassing? Put that aside for a moment.

Look who is exempted. The professional class of news men and women. This is clearly a step toward outlawing speech from we amateur keyboard jockeys in our pajamas.

[True fact, I blog fully dressed, but sometimes read other blogs in my PJs. – Dave.]

This is a big deal. This is a virtual license for those who are a part of the legacy media. They are protected, and they will likely ignore this law as a result.

Exempt from this law.


Volokh is not ignoring it. From the legal motion he and his team filed:

Unlike laws which merely protect unwilling listeners, Section 2917.21(B)(2) criminalizes public commentary about particular people, and thus prohibits far more than the dissemination of speech to people unwilling to hear it.


No, it doesn’t. Words don’t do that. 




Yeah, this sort of law pretty much shuts down the internet, since the traditional liberal notion is that “if you offend me, then you are abusing, threatening and harassing me…”  We cannot go around criminalizing writing simply because it “causes” emotional upset in the subject.

Good on Volokh and the others for bringing this to our attention, and for fighting it in the courts. 




Quote of the Day

Whether under Islamist tyranny or the Leftist tyranny of the Latin American or Chinese varieties, democracy is gravely threatened in major areas of the world right now. By and large, the Western media intelligentsia has nothing to say about it. The march of authoritarianism does not seem to rise to the level of importance of the latest Trump Twitter outrage, or his comment about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War, or the manner in which a White House advisor sits on a couch in the Oval Office, to take just a few examples. – Benjamin Weingarten, City Journal 

While the political operatives with by-lines focus on stupid, the world is going to hell. The things they dislike about Trump…or the vision they hold of Trump…is magnified in seats of power across the world.

As if the worst thing Putin ever did was read Hillary’s emails. 

I Question the Timing…

Should have been done immediately as he determined that running official secret documents through a home-brew email server was not criminal.

Wall Street Journal:

President Trump fired James Comey late Tuesday, and better now than never. These columns opposed Mr. Comey’s nomination by Barack Obama, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director has committed more than enough mistakes in the last year to be dismissed for cause.

Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey.

Some goof on NPR asked that maybe Comey was getting too close to sensitive matters in the Russia investigation. Yeah. And firing him was the way to stop that information from leaking? On what planet?

The herd has found its narrative:





Settled? Not So Much

Daily Star (UK)

During winter, entire major cities – such as London, Paris and New York – would be subjected to sub-zero temperatures, ice and snow for months.

Um, actually that’s what we used to expect every year in Syracuse, NY. 

Millions of lives would be at risk of prolonged blackouts, food and electricity shortages and cold-related health problems. 

David Dilley, CEO of Global Weather Oscillations, told Daily Star Online global warming and cooling cycles are determined by the gravitational forces of the Earth, moon and sun.

Each cycle lasts around 120,000 years, with sub-cycles of around 230 years.

I don’t take this report as gospel, but neither do I take the prediction of people regularly caught manipulating data.  There have been ice ages and warming periods in between — long before the industrial age.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

ice age britain


Handmaid’s Tale: Scare Porn for the Anti-Christian Left

Too long? Skip to the last paragraph. I finally make an original point. – Dave

From PJ Media:

What is it about Margaret Atwood’s execrable novel The Handmaid’s Tale that makes liberals believe that kind of future is not only possible, but right around the corner (that is, unless we elect liberals to office)?

For the uninitiated — and if you are, you best get familiar with the plot because we’re going to be living it soon — the story is about a dystopian future where women are chattel, good only for breeding. A bare-bones synopsis:

Beginning with a staged attack that kills the President and most of Congress, a Christian fundamentalist movement calling itself the “Sons of Jacob” launches a revolution and suspends the United States Constitution under the pretext of restoring order. They are quickly able to take away women’s rights, largely attributed to financial records being stored electronically and labelled by gender. The new regime, the Republic of Gilead, moves quickly to consolidate its power and reorganize society along a new militarized, hierarchical regime of Old Testament-inspired social and religious fanaticism among its newly created social classes. In this society, human rights are severely limited and women’s rights are even more curtailed; for example, women are forbidden to read.

And guess who thinks we need to fear the Christians? Hillary Clinton:

“Now, I am not suggesting this dystopian future is around the corner, but this show has prompted important conversations about women’s rights and autonomy…”

Yeah, I’m not suggesting that the Christian, Fascist, dictatorial, messianic, crazy-eyed, Bible-thumping, anti-LGBT, probably Nazi-loving people of America would go down this road, but…it sure does prompt important conversations…

What is it with these folks and conversations. Didn’t Bill Clinton want a national conversation about race? 

I watched the first three episodes as a favor to my wife. The concept is accurately described above – but there are such rapid flashbacks that the narrative is hard to follow.
The idea that Christian religious phrases are used by this fictional totalitarian regime is an obvious anti-religion theme. Characters repeat phrases to each other – and some are from The Bible.

Subtle as a hammer.

The leaders in the Christian totalitarian leftist dream are cruel, manipulative and downright Nazified. A gay woman is hanged in front of her lover – who is spared since she is fertile. Because, you know…that’s what Christians would be like if we could just run things.
I remember the right whispering about UN prisons and the confiscation of guns during the Obama years. How he’d cancel the 2016 election because of national emergency and so on.  Which makes me wonder.

Are these idiotic fantasies a part of human nature? Or a distraction from the real issues we face? While the left ponders the future under a theocracy of mean Christians, and the right looks to the skies for black helicopters, what really is going on?

They Don’t Know Anything Outside the Bubble

Politico points out that reporters and editors live in places where Hillary Clinton and other Democrats are winners:


It’s more than just location. When you’re a fish, you can barely imagine living in water, much less living in a desert.

The issue isn’t just with journalists, and it is not just a geography thing.

How many journalists, academics and elitist class individuals have worked – really worked hard – for ten to fifteen hours a day because they needed to? How many ever have been really broke? 

How many have had real experience with real poverty, or actual economic despair. Like, the mill closed down and not only are you out of work, but your neighbors are, too? Or all the skills you have are for jobs which don’t pay?

Too few.

Too few know the kind of character building living that takes place away from their enclaves. 

Have they ever been in a situation where they needed to hold their tongues because they really need their jobs? Or worked a job that was terrible, so that the bills mostly would get paid?

Have they ever worked 12 hour days hammering nails only to lose the job to someone who will work for a dollar less?

Really, how many pundits, adjunct professors, journalists and reporters ever lose their jobs to immigrants?

Many of us outside the bubble have clothed our kids in thrift store bargains, and bought from the Reduced for Quick Sale section of the meat department.

True story. I once bought nice sweaters and leggings for my daughters for school picture day, then returned the clothing to the store the next day. Those pictures hang in my bedroom, and they are a constant reminder.

My pastor once brought groceries, and a hundred dollars just before Christmas.

Have the so-called elites ever prayed, really honestly prayed to God that somehow things were different?

For those of us outside the bubble, the issues of freedom, poverty, American economic success and human rights are being played out in real time in our communities. 

Those folks in flyover country, and who live just a few miles from the elites, know very well the lies being told on TV, and in their newspapers. We’ve been called bitter clingers and fascists. To our faces, by those who should know better.

No wonder the country is split.