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Not Juicing, but Transitioning

Strangest wrestling story this week. AP: Beggs, who reached the state tournament after two opponents forfeited, was dogged throughout the event by questions about whether his testosterone treatments made him too strong to wrestle fairly against girls. It’s hard to … Continue reading

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Misgendering is Apparently a Thing

Or maybe a crime. You get busted for misgendering a guy who’s now a woman, you’re in for the hassle of your life… Purplesagefem: From the Daily Mail: “Don’t call me ‘he’! Transgender Tory councillor calls in police because Labour … Continue reading

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New Pronouns

I recently applied to my county sheriff for a document showing my lack of felony convictions and “good moral character.”  No kidding, that’s what the certificate says. The document has changed since I last got one.  It now includes a … Continue reading

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