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When People Use the Words ‘First Amendment’ and ‘Unfortunately’ in the Same Sentence

Chasing down examples of folks who don’t understand free speech is becoming a full-time job. This rant deserves an honorable mention:  Hate speech is NOT free speech. Unfortunately, it is protected by the First Amendment despite the fact it’s morally, … Continue reading

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People Don’t Have to Agree

Stina from Naps in the Library was a bit tired of angry comments and wrote a zinger of an article.  Like a lot of the internet, it eaves a bit from First Amendment, to the second and over to common … Continue reading

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Germany Cracks Down on Islamist Group

Which really is a ‘man bites dog’ story, since the German government has been insisting that immigration even of Muslims is a good idea. They have also cracked down on ‘far-right’ groups, including racists and those who speak out about … Continue reading

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Pastor Must Turn Over Sermons in Lawsuit

He must turn over the notes for sermons which were not the basis of his firing…  Confused?  This won’t help: Charisma News: Dr. Eric Walsh was one of the nation’s leading health administrators until being fired in 2014 by the … Continue reading

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When Somebody Has No Good Reason For Limiting Your Rights…

…they usually cite the excellent experiences of Europeans. We should let our kids drink wine at dinner, because of the French. Long holidays and government pensions?  It works for the Greeks!   Now comes the argument for hate speech laws…from a … Continue reading

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Things are a Little Slow this Christmas Season…

…so if you, say, happen to have been recently named as a defendant in a ridiculous frivolous lawsuit and feel like chatting about it, you probably already know how to get in touch.  I have loads of opinions to share … Continue reading

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