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A Challenge: What, Other Than the Second Amendment, Does the Left Not Get?

Daniel Payne, of the Federalist writes… I am genuinely curious: is there any other constitutional right, or any other constitutional amendment, that is so consistently and so aggressively handled with such base and inexcusable stupidity, on so regular a basis, … Continue reading

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Vice President Tours ‘Devastated’ West Virginia, and President Obama Declares a “Disaster Area”

Before both were reminded that, in fact, West Virginia always pretty much looked that way. [With apologies of course to West Virginia readers.  Much of your state is lovely. – Dave]

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A Liberal Who Gets It!

Hey, I found another!  Poppy Louise. Case in point: the other day I was enjoying a lovely afternoon with friends drinking cold beverages under the hot sun. One of these women mentioned that her friends from back home had discovered, … Continue reading

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Here’s the Huffington Post Story About Hillary

Click here for the archived edition. James Comey and The FBI will present a recommendation to Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the Department of Justice, that includes a cogent argument that the Clinton Foundation is an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged … Continue reading

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I Hate People Who Knock Down Buildings With People Inside

Or lop off heads.  Or cut up innocent girls.  Or who rape women – then blame the women.  My God demands that I love my enemies, but I’m still working on it. I can’t see myself becoming an advocate for … Continue reading

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Guns Don’t Kill People, Bullets Kill People

And two New York Lawmakers want to severely limit the number of bullets which can be purchased, in the name of anti-terrorism: From ammoland: Two New York legislators have announced that they are introducing legislation in 2016 that would severely … Continue reading

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As the Nation Spirals Further Down into the Toilet…

…of the Obama years, the food editors of the New York Times take a moment to answer that burning question that weighs with increasingly heaviness on our minds in these sad days: Is it safe to eat moldy bread? USDA … Continue reading

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What Big Eyes You Have, Hillary

What big eyes you have, Hillary

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Hillary’s Closing Thoughts on the First Debate

I can’t claim credit for the great image- I found it floating around on Twitter.  But there you go.

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What Hillary Really Wants to Say at the Debate

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