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Kimberlin: Delete My Wikipedia Page

Patterico’s Pontifications: Someone claiming to be Brett Kimberlin (and who, with the whiny tone, sounds like him) is seeking to have Kimberlin’s Wikipedia page deleted. (Thanks to A. for the tip.) The request is here, and reads as follows: Brett … Continue reading

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What is the Christian Response to Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin?

If you’re put off by questions of ethics or Christian duty, please skip. — Dave      I had a conversation with some Lickspittles which included some people who I know to be Christians. They have offered heartfelt prayers for … Continue reading

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Hypnotist in the Speedway Bomber Case Has New Task: Finding a Murderer

Virgil Vandagriff was also a polygraph examiner. He is now searching for his stepdaughter’s murderer. Jessie Whitehouse was 30 and was shot to death days after posting something on Facebook about another unsolved case. Indianapolis Monthly: In 1990, after 23 years … Continue reading

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Stranahan: DNC Involved in Kimberlin Plot to Buy Anti-Trump Documents

Remember those fake Trump documents which turned out costing Brett Kimberlin thousands? Lee Stranahan is looking closely at the whole situation. Link   Alexandra Chalupa, the former Clinton White House staffer and DNC operative at the center of the Ukrainian … Continue reading

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Why the Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin Issues are First Amendment Conflicts

Too long? Won’t read? Scan down to the blue paragraph. The Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt situations are basically First Amendment issues. I believe that they are both public individuals with thin skins, and a warped idea of what others … Continue reading

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The Road Ahead

The road ahead seems to be a rocky one for Team Kimberlin. I’m not a lawyer, since the LSAT turned out to be very difficult…but I can read the signs. At this moment John Hoge is suing members of Team … Continue reading

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Serious Documents Require Serious Fonts


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