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I Have Organized a Walkout at My School

4:30 sharp. Every teacher. Gone.

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I Hate You, Internet 2018

Update: My crazy ex-girlfriend (that’s what I call my wife now) has been illegally accessing my data on Facebook. She knows everything! On Ace:    

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For this,…

Originally posted on Vermont Loon Watch:
… we spend large sums of money on salaries for local legislators, state Poobahs and the Great Elite in DC to get wonderful results. We know you sleep more soundly knowing your street is…

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St. Olaf’s Liberal Students Self-Identify as Fascist Bigots

Liberal student groups at St. Olaf College recently put up signs accusing conservative classmates of “white supremacy” and calling capitalism a means of oppressing poor people. The signs were put up shortly after anonymous vandals tore down a Turning Point … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Bill Clinton’s Former Pollster

Mark Penn: ”Today you can sit down with an impressionable elite – a Harvard-educated lawyer, for example – and they know with absolute certainty that somehow Trump was laundering money with the Russians in exchange for help in the election. … Continue reading

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Nick Gillespie: After Examining Voter Fraud Claims, Russian Collusion Investigations and Facebook Data Mining, We Now Know Exactly Why Donald Trump Was Elected

Reason: Ever since about 11 p.m. ET on November 8, 2016, Clinton and her allies in the media have worked overtime to provide increasingly fanciful explanations for her failure to beat the least-credible candidate ever in American history. Sometimes the … Continue reading

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Austin Police: Bomber’s 25-minute Video Confession Sold to Netflix

Additional Not Real Headlines: and more here Update: STEM and Girls: Why Are there No Female Bombers? Neighbors Say “He Kept to Himself” Rather Than Admit They Liked the Guy Psychologists, Criminologists Flood Cable News to Talk About Someone They … Continue reading

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