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Ask a Simple Question…

What is the definition of “defamation?”

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That was then, this is now…

OhmiGod!  The Oaf’s PD is in free-fall!  Huge deterioration in just four months!  From driving!  From holding a job!  From being able to stand for more than 10 minutes at a time!  From being able to be “on the air” … Continue reading

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Oh Man, I’m Too Busy for This…

Bill, Bill, Bill… I am busy beyond belief.  In ten days I fly to Minnesota to start a 2,500 mile/4,000 kilometer almost two month-long bicycle trip.  I’m planning, organizing, coordinating 50 or so nights of lodging, sorting, repairing, packing… you … Continue reading

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Where does one even begin?

The Oaf was busy this afternoon fouling the air in Pretendyland with a new blog post and in that post said perhaps the most risible thing that has ever been excreted from his keyboard. “Grady had posted a picture I … Continue reading

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Just Keep Reading, Bill

There’s a trap that many lawyers who haven’t been off the potato truck all that long fall into when they do legal research. They find a case, read it until they find something that they like, then stop because they … Continue reading

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Beep, Beep

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I got this…

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, start your doom clocks. …no Brett, not you.  You’re no gentleman, in any event. The defendants in Our Oaf’s South Carolina lawsuit, hereinafter “Team Good Guys,” filed this morning their opening, and likely final salvo, in … Continue reading

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Credit Where Credit is Due

Bill Schmalfeldt says he’s been losing weight. As someone who has fought his own battle with excess avoirdupois, I congratulate him.  No, really.  The problems that go with obesity are not something I would wish on anyone.  So no more … Continue reading

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To Be Able to Lose a Reputation, You Have to Have One to Begin With (Part II)

It’s over, it’s over Roy Orbison, “It’s Over” (1964) Back in Part I of this post [link] I addressed why, from a statute of limitations standpoint, Our Oaf’s libel claims in his South Carolina lawsuit1 were toast.  Here’s another reason. … Continue reading

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Over On Self-referential Radio…

…”Moron” is on heavy rotation. Uh, Mr. Oaf, I know it was probably in fine print in the GS-13 Editor’s Handbook, but shouldn’t that be “resistance to?” Just sayin’, poser. David Edgren

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