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Austin Police: Bomber’s 25-minute Video Confession Sold to Netflix

Additional Not Real Headlines: and more here Update: STEM and Girls: Why Are there No Female Bombers? Neighbors Say “He Kept to Himself” Rather Than Admit They Liked the Guy Psychologists, Criminologists Flood Cable News to Talk About Someone They … Continue reading

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Right Wing Smear Job?

Found on the Internet: Liberal Grouch Anyone who has ever Googled my name realizes that I have been the target of a sustained right wing smear job. When asked about it by reasonable people, it’s hard to explain why a … Continue reading

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I Want to Be On Your Side

Campus Reform: Nearly a month after a student was barred from attending a religious studies class, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) has reversed course, suspending normal policies and procedures. Lake Ingle, a student enrolled in “RLST 481 – Special Topic … Continue reading

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News Headlines [Not Really]

Austin Bomber Identified as Interesting Individual More Fascinating than SWAT Team Members and Police Detectives Who Faced Him at Great Risk Every Online Writing Examined Is There Life After Serial Bombing? “Not this time,” says Serial Bomber Brett Coleman Kimberlin … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

What an amazing collection of entitled creeps, who long ago convinced themselves that the “rule of law” is identical to what they see as their sacred right to exercise power in any way they see fit. — George Neumayr, on … Continue reading

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Grossly Offensive is Illegal in the UK?

BBC: A man who filmed a pet dog giving Nazi salutes before putting the footage on YouTube has been convicted of committing a hate crime. Mark Meechan, 30, recorded his girlfriend’s pug, Buddha, responding to statements such as “gas the … Continue reading

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Deep State

The other day we learned that 78% of North Carolina teachers think that arming teachers is a bad idea. That sounds like a large percentage, being so close to a hundred, you know. (That link takes you to an underappreciated … Continue reading

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Free Speech IS a Conservative Value

  In a review for a book called Speak Freely by Keith E. Whittington, Mark Movsesian says… It’s odd that free speech is becoming a conservative value. There was a time when progressives championed free speech, in order to challenge … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“What I’m concerned about is the fact that China is testing a railgun mounted on a navy ship before the United States is and that China has the biggest quantum computing facility in the world about to open,” said Goldman. … Continue reading

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That’s Called a Convenience Store for a Reason

Rural Alabama gas station. I was there getting a Snickers. — Sarah Kendzior (@sarahkendzior) March 18, 2018 The store has a federal and state license to sell guns, I assume. It’s a gun store that also sells candies and … Continue reading

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