St. Olaf’s Liberal Students Self-Identify as Fascist Bigots

  • Liberal student groups at St. Olaf College recently put up signs accusing conservative classmates of “white supremacy” and calling capitalism a means of oppressing poor people.
  • The signs were put up shortly after anonymous vandals tore down a Turning Point USA display featuring signs listing reasons for being conservative, which liberal students apparently found offensive.

The harassment occurred after Turning Point USA (TPUSA) members gathered on campus and posted several recruitment posters on campus, each of which listed a reason why the students prefer conservatism.

“I believe in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” “I love economic freedom,” and “all human life has value” were among the reasons posted. Link

Forget about being conservative on that campus, being pro-American is enough to get your stuff trashed.

The controversy continued this week with a counter-display erected by several other student groups, such as th Diversity Celebrations Committee, Women in Science, Celebrate South Asia, KARIBU club, and St. Olaf’s Students of Color—all of whom accused TPUSA of only caring about “rich, white, heterosexual” men.

Suppose they were.  Does this disqualify them from participating in the college environment — which includes hanging signs, getting together and talking with others?

Congratulation, St. Olaf liberals. You’re the new fascists. Pick up your armbands at the student union. Torches will be distributed to those who’ve passed the mandatory safety course.  

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1 Response to St. Olaf’s Liberal Students Self-Identify as Fascist Bigots

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Capitalism isn’t a means of suppressing anyone. Rather, it’s just the opposite. So long it is something you can control, you can do more or less anything you want. Your own labor, your own materials, land. Even the things leant to you, so long as you oblige their terms. It’s a means of exchanging the value you generate with your effort for the value someone else generates, such that both parties think they’ve good deal, due to the asymmetry in the desirability of products/services to the people involved. Rather, there is no system which makes the poor richer than capitalism. Certainly not socialism. Socialism only makes the rich poorer. In the beginning, you might force everyone into something resembling the middle class, but once you run out of “other people’s money,” all that is left is universal poverty. By the laws of economics, socialism can not work, because socialism is almost perfectly designed to give everyone the best incentive to do the worst thing.

    Western culture isn’t “white supremacy.” If there was any color that was supreme in the west in capitalist countries, it’s green (sometimes silver or gold will also do.) Our system will work equally well when implemented by people of any color, AIs, or aliens. That is because the basic underlying principle is You have something I want, I have something you want, let’s find a trade we can both agree to. All the incentives are work positive. And, well, none of them are “suppressing.”


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