Quote of the Day

“What I’m concerned about is the fact that China is testing a railgun mounted on a navy ship before the United States is and that China has the biggest quantum computing facility in the world about to open,” said Goldman. “It probably has more advanced research in quantum communications than we have, and they’re graduating twice as many doctorates in STEM fields than we are. That’s what really frightens me.” —

David P. Goldman, economist, author, and Asia Times columnist Link

As far as how many STEM graduates, we can’t change the population difference. They have more students than we do. The other things can be changed, and should be.

We start teaching multiplication facts in third grade. Fourth grade teachers can predict who will never get to Calculus or Trig. The kids who don’t know the answer to 6 x 7. Children who know every minute detail of Pokemon or Star Wars, but count on their fingers in third grade. Children who see no reason to take hard subjects. Children in front of the TV, or looking at a screen at 4:30 in the afternoon.

I know a child whose screen time has so affected his eyes that he cannot catch a ball tossed to him. He has no sense of three dimensions, and goes to visual therapy. Students can’t grip a pencil properly because their hands have been holding a tiny device and typing with thumbs.

We are awash in them.


Just to point out, I never took typing, Calculus or Chemistry II because they were too hard, and I took an easy undergraduate degree. In my defense, my three kids are all in science or math fields, and all took things like Calculus and Statistics. I might be a useless Communications Major, but at least I understand science, preach its importance in school, and raised my kids to value the tough subjects.

I told them they could not major in anything that didn’t have a job title.

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