The Open Thread to Allow Bill Schmalfeldt to Dispute Anything Incorrect Uttered About Him Online

From BillySez, a blog dedicated to documenting the sayings of Mr. Schmalfeldt:


Image result for life is a test

In the sense of fair play, or at least play…please let me point out that Bill Schmalfeldt may still comment here. This separates The Artisan Craft Blog from other sites which have found him to be tiring. Actually, quite a few.

I would only ask that Schmalfeldt be specific about the mud, and others please keep a sense of decorum. You are responsible for your comments.

Thank you. I believe you’ll choose wisely.

Update: corrected a misspelt werd.



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14 Responses to The Open Thread to Allow Bill Schmalfeldt to Dispute Anything Incorrect Uttered About Him Online

  1. Sam says:

    I’m sure Bill will be on here any minute now, because he’s a guy who always backs up his words with concrete…sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face…

    He just never gets tired of the tough guy routine, does he? Failure after failure. All those cops who were THIS close to arresting folks! All those lawsuits that had people SO WORRIED even though they put on a fake show of bravado about them getting kicked out of court (sure, they were, in fact, kicked out of court BUT ONLY ON TECHNICALITIES, which does not count because reasons. All those claims that so and so was flipping on so and so.

    But this is the guy who is convinced that he’s a charming fellow when he wants to be, sure to sway a sympathetic judge. All those restraining orders, including ones where he had the chance to flash that old Shmalfeldt Charm. You’d think he’d be even a little bit more humble about his mad skills but the Secret King in him keep whispering words of encouragement; “You can handle things! You’re smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… You’re smart and you deserve respect!”

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  2. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Whaaaaat? No William “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt yet rushing in to ‘correct the record’? I’m shocked. Shocked I say!

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    • Rain says:

      Hey now…he’s got to review his previous lies so his new ones don’t contradict too much, I mean he is getting older and I’m sure his Fatkinson’s is acting up making it difficult to remember all the many, many, MANY lies he’s already told….so cut him some slack, since slack is all he knows.

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  3. I’ll bet that his most obvious complaint regards his Parkinson’s diagnosis. Unfortunately for him, very few people have flatly stated he does not have the disease. Mostly folks have pointed out the cyclical nature of his well-documented symptoms. And no one has contributed to the speculation about his Parkinson’s like Bill has.

    Also, he’ll need a current doctor’s note. Not a letter from years ago written by HR, declaring him disabled. A current doctor’s note.

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    • I’m among those who haven’t flatly stated it as fact, that Schmalfeldt doesn’t have PD. How could I? We’ve never met, that he knows of, nor even been in the same room. I’m certainly not qualified to make such a diagnosis, either inclusory or exclusory.

      But I can read. I’ve read a bunch of stuff about PD, and its symptoms, and the progression of same, and most of it was written, or at least copy/pasted, by Bill Schmalfeldt. Judging by that, and other materials published by Bill Schmalfeldt, it would appear that Bill Schmalfeldt routinely exaggerates any PD symptoms he may have experienced, whenever he finds it convenient to do so. As a corollary, when inconvenient [or simply forgotten in the heat of the moment], these symptoms all but vanish.

      So, even if he did happen to have a current doctor’s note, I wouldn’t believe it. I’ll believe he had PD when I see it on his autopsy report. Until then, he’s just another disability fraud, as far as I’m concerned.

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      • Schmalfeldt made this comment on my site which is in moderation:

        I had more than one doctor who said it could not be possible that I had Parkinson’s because I was too young. When I was on the operating bed for the DBS surgery and Dr. Peter Konrad was marking the fact that it was easy to find the part of my brain that was misfiring, I said, “And to think a year ago, a doctor told me I didn’t have PD.” Dr. Konrad said, “I’ll send him a copy of the study results.”

        He goes from more one doctor who said it wasn’t possible to the bed of his DBS surgery, which was part of a study mind you, and that somehow proves he has Parkinson’s even though there is no direct statement from a doctor confirming a diagnosis.

        He may have been in treatment for the disease, but I’ve never seen anyone try so hard to prove it with so little direct evidence.

        He makes the claim for libel, but can’t explain why it matters in the first place that everyone has to accept it. So while I am of the opinion he is faking it, it’s not as if he’s given anyone solid evidence to support his statements. Just because he ‘acts’ like he has it, doesn’t mean he does. I may end up proven wrong, and if so, I will correct myself. Until then, and unless I see something other than the self serving statements of pathological lair Bill Schmalfeldt, I stand by my opinion using his own statements, facts, tweets, and photographic evidence.

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      • Pablo says:

        The purported exchange makes no sense. The operation for the BDS study is the beginning of it, thus there would be no results to share and any researcher worth his grants would not be presupposing outcomes. Further, study patients are anonymized so even if there were results that showed something about DUMBFUCK, they wouldn’t mention DUMBFUCK.

        He really sucks at this.

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      • I see it more likely a gerbil just stuck, than him having Parkinson’s. But that’s just my opinion from reading what Bill was written.

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    • Pablo says:

      Actually, he’d need a current treating physician, likely a neurologist, who’s willing to testify.

      Meanwhile, it seems fat got his tongue.

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  4. The Shoveler says:

    This needs a DOOM CLOCK.

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  5. viewfromnl says:

    I am unaware of ANY instance where someone permitted Bill Schmalfeldt to post on their site,
    who did not end up regretting it.

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  6. JorgXMcKie says:

    “The most valuable advice I’ve ever given on Twitter.” If it had even the slightest value that would make it the most valuable.

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  7. Dianna says:

    At least he can serve as a negative example.

    Laptop, home.

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