The Problem of Hate Speech in One Picture

two  state.png

Because an opinion is off the mainstream, or it affects a particular minority group…it is not by definition “hate speech.”

I don’t take a stand about the two state solution, or Israeli settlements. I do take a stand against the labeling of political opinions as hate speech. 

Of course, the article is on Breitbart, which any lefty will tell you harbors alt-right hate speech.

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1 Response to The Problem of Hate Speech in One Picture

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    I’ll think about worrying about hate speech when they start demonstrating that there is nobody worth hating. I don’t really hate all that many people. At the moment, the count might even be zero. But I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to hate anybody I choose for whatever reason or no reason at all. And so long as that is true, I should be able to tell people why. To offer an example, if I hated someone because he stabbed my family members in the face, I should be able to tell other people about the face stabbings, even if it makes them hate that guy too. Rather, isn’t it extremely dangerous if I’m presumed not to be allowed to tell people about someone who stabs faces?


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