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I have never been to Nigeria…but I kinda like the music.Globe clipart social study #10

On the other hand, the view of free speech there seems a little off.


If the recent bill by the Nigerian Senate is passed into law, all hate speech offenders shall die by hanging upon conviction.

Mover of the bill, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, told lawmakers at plenary on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, that the legislation was as a result of the growing concerns over the spate of violence and hate speeches in the country.

In South Africa, the Nelson Mandela Foundation seeks to make flying the old apartheid flag illegal.

In the UK, a Muslim radio station has been fined for a song which encouraged the beheading of non-believers. [I actually think that was deserved. — Dave]

And in Tanzania:

An opposition member of parliament in Tanzania has been jailed for hate speech supposed directed at the country’s leader.Chadema Member of Parliament, for Mbeya Urban Joseph Mbilinyi was earlier on Monday sentenced to five months imprisonment after he was found guilty of delivering hate speech against President John Magufuli.  [At a primary/elementary school.]

Enjoy you freedom to speak, offend, teach, preach…while you have it.

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  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    “For example, while the Nigerian Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, it does not guarantee freedom of hate speech.

    Does the Nigerian constitution have an objective definition of what hate is? Because without it, political rival’s speech will soon start sounding pretty hate-y.

    “That’s because hate speech could be the precursor of violence, of genocide!,” he said.

    Hate speech is just speech used to communicate the reasons for one party to hate another. How about we listen to those reasons and invalidate them. It is a remarkably long and slow process. A blood feud isn’t something that can be resolved in a day. But in the meantime keeping people from talking about why they hate one another isn’t going to stop them from actually hating one another. And at least if they’re talking, you can make your own arguments. You can’t make hate thought illegal. You can’t really change people’s thoughts without a certain amount of speech.

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