Sorry, the Young People Who Were in the School Do Not Have Absolute Moral Authority

The left-wing media has some common tactics, and we’re seeing one being played out about the Florida shooting:

Absolute Moral Authority

Cindy Sheehan is the mother of an Iraq war soldier killed in battle. The media hung on her every word, in part because George Bush was president, and that meant that it was good to be anti-war. Later during the Obama Administration, not so much.

The media granted her Absolute Moral Authority to discuss war, since her son died in war. They also pretended that her words were wise, for the same reason. I mean her no disrespect, but the media gave her far too much deference and air time.

This is happening to the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. I mean no disrespect to the students, familiess of the dead, or anyone touched by this tragedy.

Being present at a mass shooting is horrific, I’m sure. The memories and loss of friends…terrible.

Is it impolite to suggest, however, that high school students are not actually the best experts on school safety? That what is happening to them is unfair on so many levels? That 900 Cindy Sheehans is too many? [The typical number of students in the freshman building, site of the shooting.]

Or are all 3,200 students given both Absolute Moral Authority and the wisdom to go with it.

Whenever the subject of adolescent crime and drug use comes up, I hear that the teenage brain is still developing. Adolescents, I hear from folks who study such things, are still wiring their synapses.  So why are these children being used this way?

The Recovering Legalist (Pastor Anthony Baker) adds this, about the wisdom of the children:

Listen to the Children

Believe it or not, there are many who swear that true wisdom can be found in the words of young children. Especially in the aftermath of the last school shooting in Florida, political activists are jumping on the opportunity to drag them to state capitals and the White House.

Forget the need for a lifetime of experience…forget that the ones to whom some of these teens are mouthing off to have more security clearances than the Avengers…forget the idea of listing to one’s elders…listen to the wisdom of those who just learned to wear pull-ups and cut their own meat.

If we did what they wanted us to do – listen to the children – what would the world, or at least our country be like?

His answers are worth a read here.



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