Quote of the Day

The jury should have been in a long time ago. As long as we institutionalize kids into prison-like schools built on a factory model and without any other choices, we’ll get more and more psychic alienation and social dysfunction. In this scenario, gun bans simply mean future mass killings would likely involve more knives, cars plowed into crowds, chemicals, and perhaps more bombs concocted from fertilizer and other household items. — Stella Morabito, The Federalist

I can’t agree that schools are the problem. But I do know that the school in Florida had more than 3,000 students and that they knew about this kid. There may have been a breakdown in the systems designed to keep the students safe. Discipline policies.

The gun didn’t do this. A perhaps mentally ill former student did this. 

High School is not always a healthy place. We need to change that.

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