Lazy Journalism Words

From Instapundit:

WEIRD, I WONDER IF IT’S BECAUSE THE “CALLS” ARE BASED IN DUMB EMOTIONAL BULLYING: The Hill: Calls for new gun laws are falling on deaf ears.

Renewed calls for stricter gun controls following a school shooting in Florida that left 17 dead are falling on deaf ears.

Really? deaf ears? The president said “I hear you.” He wrote a note to remind himself.

I’m hearing “emerging” a lot, as in “new details are emerging…”

That’s just crap writing. Details do not emerge.  Would you ever say that to your wife or boss?

“Yeah honey, the car won’t run, but details are emerging which indicate lack of gasoline is a possible cause.”

“Long time court watchers” means a reporter older than you are.  And “the controversy is not dying down…” just means we have no new story, so we are rehashing.

Oh, and the Rev. Billy Graham coverage was about what you’d expect. 

I have written news for a long time, and taught for even longer. Today I couldn’t tell you which industry was more pathetic. Both are doing us an injustice, bordering on criminality.


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