Dummköpfe Nacht™ is Coming Soon

There will be no consequences for knocking down a Confederate statue in Durham, even though the event was videotaped.

Durham, N.C. — One day after a judge tossed charges against two suspects accused of toppling a Confederate monument last summer and found a third defendant not guilty, Durham County prosecutors on Tuesday announced that they were dropping all charges against the remaining five suspects.

District Attorney Roger Echols did not take questions after a terse statement in which he essentially said it did not make sense to pursue charges against the remaining suspects given that District Court Judge Frederick S. Battaglia Jr. on Monday found one suspect not guilty and dismissed charges against two others.

Image result for Durham monument

Translation: Knocking down a Confederate monument is no longer illegal in this jurisdiction, and there will be no punishment in the future. By the way, the governor wants to move the Raleigh based monuments to a lonely, unguarded battlefield.

The anarchists are emboldened. This was not civil disobedience – or disobeying an unjust law.

The actors justified the event because legislative and judicial avenues were not yet effective in toppling the statue. So, they knocked it down.

This is vandalism in the name of political action. Trashing a Starbucks to object to globalism. Destroying property in Berkeley in the name of stopping Milo Yiannopolis from speaking. Throwing rocks and feces at Nazis. These are objectively illegal activities done in support of a political view.  Someone lost at the ballot, and intends to win in the streets.

I predict – and very soon — a nation-wide Dumb Heads Night:

Dummköpfe Nacht™

The anti-gun, anti-free speech and pro-vandalism forces will overplay their hand, and monuments, gun stores and innocent people will fall.

Please, do this between now and the mid-term elections.


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3 Responses to Dummköpfe Nacht™ is Coming Soon

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    The advantage that anarchists have is that it’s very difficult to topple anything that they care about.

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  2. Since all morality is now relative, nothing they do will be illegal…provided it fits a narrative.


  3. Rain says:

    I’ve heard that taking the law into your own hands is bad m’kay…except, obviously, when the progressive left does it, then it’s totes cool..



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