Do Not Rouse and Provoke People!

Especially by making fun of the other side!

Campus Reform:

According to an email obtained by Campus Reform sent to Jorin Burkhart, chairman of DePaul’s YAF chapter, the group received word from Associate Vice President of Student Development Peggy Burke that the request had been denied because Crowder’s presence wouldn’t align “with Depaul’s education mission.”

“It’s ridiculous and pathetic that DePaul, a place which boasts in its so-called open-mindedness, is afraid of someone as mainstream and harmless as Steven Crowder.”    Image result for louder crowder

Actually, non-mainstream speakers ought to be invited, from each political perspective.

As far as harmful? If you advocate genocide, murder, mayhem…I can understand losing out on the speaking engagement.

But Crowder? (Safe link to CRTV)


“The Speaker Review Board denied this speaker request due to their research on Mr. Crowder and came to the conclusion that he creates videos to purposely to rouse and provoke people by making fun of the opposing side,” she wrote. “They didn’t see how this aligns with DePaul’s educational mission.”

You know, rousing and provoking people used to be a good thing. As far as making fun of the opposing side…yeah. They make it easy. 


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2 Responses to Do Not Rouse and Provoke People!

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Would they turn down a speaking engagement from Obama for the same reason?

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    • Rain says:

      Oh hell no…
      and in that same vein, IF there were to be a student group orginizing to protest with the intent to shut it down, THEY would wind up refused entry to the campus (even if they were students) and arrested if they pulled any of the same crap Antifa does regularly….

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