And Patriotism Problem, and Respect for Military Problem,,,

And free speech problem, a strong women problem, and many others.


Catholic League president Bill Donohue explains why the Democrats have a religion problem:

By a large margin, most Americans believe in God, and most are Christians. It would seem logical that both Republicans and Democrats would try hard not to alienate them, yet time and again the Democrats have managed to do so.

The latest example is New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. He blasted the president for mentioning religion in his State of the Union Address. “Here’s a guy that used religion tonight to divide,” Booker said.

Booker did not say whether it was Trump’s pledge to protect people of every creed and religion that bothered him the most. Perhaps it was Trump’s reference to “In God We Trust.” Maybe it was Trump’s remark about the need to have “confidence in our values, faith in our citizens, and trust in our God.” No matter, Booker certainly made a name for himself: God-talk is taboo, at least if invoked by President Trump. (h/t GospelBBQ)

The amazing thing about Trump is that he seems to pick fights which draw out the weaknesses of the Democrats. The latest suggestion that we have a military march in Washington, D.C. is similar. While I disagree with the suggestion, the left will overplay their rhetoric and will end up, again. insulting the millions who have served.  Their families as well.

Please, Senator Booker. Continue. Tell us what America thinks of the American president promising to protect all religions. 

Have you also noticed that the left objects most strongly to Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopolis and Ann Coulter speaking on campus?

I mean no insult, but these are not the sort of hulking brutes or movement leaders which form most folk’s deepest fears of the right. So apparently the Nazi, Rethuglican, KKK, right wing is being represented by…






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I’m not a guy who reduces people to ethnic and religious categories, but the left has over-reacted to conservative individuals in such a way that makes them (the left) look homophobic, antisemitic and prejudiced against strong women.  

I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding.


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2 Responses to And Patriotism Problem, and Respect for Military Problem,,,

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    I don’t think humans are designed to accept authority in one realm from two individuals. In the US, the federal government and the state government supposedly have a clear divide between their authority. In part the separation of church and state is also an effort to keep authority from overlapping. The Democrats have decided that what would normally be considered God’s authority should rest in the hands of the state. Without His guidance, is there any wonder they no longer have room in their heart for God?
    Well, even looked at from the position of a non-believer, one shouldn’t think that that authority should be vested in mortal hands.

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