We’re the Last Place on the Internet Where Bill Schmalfeldt Can Talk With His Opponents


Apparently he keeps getting banned on Twitter, so…

Bill Schmalfeldt commented here the other day, and it bears repeating here for those of us who don’tLook into the comments.  You might not have seen it. He starts by quoting me:


“Talk about these guys online at your own peril. One might sue you, the other will call your boss. You might get your face photoshopped onto porn, or onto the back end of a dog. You spouses friends might hear from one of them. Each of them wear the black hats in this thing.”

As opposed to the white hats claiming without proof that I am faking my illness? The pure souls who created any number of websites containing necrophiliac-type images using my late wife as inspiration? The gentle spirits who stalked my apartment complex, posting overhead pictures of the place, photos of my car in the parking lot? The innocent folks who tried to get me thrown out of the apartment by falsely claiming I was a child pornographer? The people who can barely let a day go by without posting further bits of false, defamatory nonsense about me?

I invite you to post a single example of my attempting to get anyone to stop expressing their opinion about Kimberlin. You have the right to state your OPINION about anything you want. Nobody has the right to make false, defamatory claims as statements of fact. You have been more-or-less moderate in that regard. But, like WJJ Hoge III, you provide a platform for others to make these outrageous statements. You haven’t crossed the line into outright defamation like Patrick Grady does every day on his Thinking Man’s Zombie blog or like Marvin J. Rodriguez does on his Sonoran Conservative blog, but you do toe that line from time to time.

For the record, I do not care what you say about Kimberlin. He can take care of himself. I do care what’s being said about me, especially when it is false and defamatory.

I really want to move on with my life and leave all this unpleasantness behind me. That is impossible as long as people with an agenda other than getting to the truth continue to publish lies about me. I will do nothing more than just defend myself, and I will do no less.

Nor, should anyone expect me to.

When Bill Schmalfeldt says the following:

“You have the right to state your OPINION about anything you want. Nobody has the right to make false, defamatory claims as statements of fact…”

Please take this as a general admonition to back up your claims with verifiable facts. For example, if you wish to state that Mr. Schmalfeldt does or does not have a chronic, irreversible neurological disorder, you can simple describe his public writings in which he has fully described his symptoms. Because of Mr. Schmalfeldt’s decades of writing about his favorite subject, there still exist mountains of his own testimony regarding this.

If you state something about live-blogging a death, please back this up by searching the archives of BillySez. 

Is it fair to mention his health history at all? Mr. Schmalfeldt has used his Parkinson’s diagnosis withing court documents to elicit sympathy, to accuse others of harassment and in some cases to attend court hearings by remote video link. As Mr. Schmalfeldt improperly recorded himself while testifying remotely, there exists a record of his recent, steady-handed, clear-voiced testimony.

I have asked that widows be left out of these discussions. 

If John Hoge is serious that “I’m not through with him yet,” so be it. Bill Schmalfeldt does not get to pick the day and time for John Hoge to stop. It must be terribly frustrating.


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18 Responses to We’re the Last Place on the Internet Where Bill Schmalfeldt Can Talk With His Opponents

  1. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Would it be OK to ask William Schmalfeldt Sr. (aka Stolen Valor) why he was thrown off his latest internet radio platform by it’s host? Did you not pay? Were you broadcasting prohibited material like audio recordings of child porn? Were you not following copyright and playing music you hadn’t paid for? Do tell!

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  2. Dianna says:

    He doxxed himself, every single time. No one believes his self pity party. If Mr. Overshare would refrain from publishing photos and videos of his living circumstances, people would not be able to republish said images. But then, what would he have to be butthurt about.

    Phone, train.

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  3. agiledog says:

    Bill Schmalfeldt has stated that his voice is too weak and uncontrollable to speak with an opponent’s lawyer on the phone. He has stated in court records that he is too frail to travel far. He has stated that he was wheelchair bound. He has stated that his progressive disorder has made it impossible for him to lift his arm above his head on his own.

    Yet he has posted a picture of him standing outside an eatery in Texas, with his arm raised over his head pointing to the sign – can’t travel: lie, can’t raise arm: lie, wheelchair bound: lie.

    His former fiance (now just his sweetie, soon to be demote to just caregiver) posted a very recent picture of him standing at the mic, signing karaoke in a club – wheelchair bound: lie, weak voice: lie, can’t travel: lie.

    Verifiable facts. All it takes to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.

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  4. Toastrider says:

    Bill, Bill, Bill…

    Some of us tried to warn you, you know. We told you this was a bad idea. Why run interference for a convicted terrorist and probable sex offender?

    But no, you didn’t want to hear. You were sure you’d triumph this time! And yet, you failed. Again. And again. To quote Kirk, ‘Like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target!’.

    And how you have come to the last turn of the vice you’ve put your hand in. I doubt Hoge is interested in any monetary recompense (assuming you had any). No, I suspect he will happily settle for crushing you, and the rest of Kimberlin’s merry band, like peanut brittle under an iron girder.

    Remember: this hell is one you made, of your own free will.

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  5. crawford421 says:

    Wasn’t he the one posting photos of his apartment?

    And WTF was he doing buying a car after giving up his license?

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    • This Other Latin F*cker says:

      Well, he got better you see. All that exercise mopping up his own piss cured him. Until it was time for court. Then it’s back to faking his illness to avoid consequences.

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      • Because that’s how “progressive neurological disorders” work, you see…

        If you really have them, they don’t get better. That’s “progressive” in the medical sense.

        If you don’t really have them, they DO get better, as a matter of convenience to the patient. That’s “progressive” in the socio-political sense.

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  6. Dr_Mike says:

    A face made for radio, a voice made for newsprint…

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  7. He was supposed to have died several times. He said his doctor told him that the lawsuits would shorten his life. Three lawsuits later, he’s still kicking and planning on suing again.

    One of these upcoming lawsuits will finally claim him. Wonder which one that will be?

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