Best Humanzee Story Pic

Thanks, Sun!



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  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    quote a:
    ‘He said: “All of the available evidence both fossil, paleontological and biochemical, including DNA itself, suggests that humans can also breed with gorillas and orangutans.’

    Maybe, but not many would want to.

    quote b:
    “The most infamous humanzee project was conducted by Russia biologist Ilya Ivanov – also in the 1920s – who tried and failed to create a Soviet super-soldier using human sperm and female chimps.”

    I think I read that one involved someone actually having sex with a monkey and seeing it it took. The Soviets weren’t really known for going to any more effort than they had to to accomplish their goals.

    A chimpanzee is about 4 foot tall and around 100 pounds. It is awkwardly shaped for the human world. I wouldn’t want to try to work a riffle with monkey fingers. Whereas human males are somewhere around 5’9″ on average, and 150 lbs. While sometimes when you combine two species (ligers for instance) you end up with a bigger breed, ending up with something that is the max of one, or in the middle is both possible and likely. Mules aren’t bigger than horses, for instance. A humanoid mule equivilant is probably the best case scenario.

    Which leads me to wonder. If you’re going to try and create a super soldier using humans and something else (though honestly, if they lose human levels of intelligence, they’d definitely NOT be super, even if you lucked out with strength, size, and bravery) from the ape family.. Why not gorillas first? Because it doesn’t seem reasonable a half-man half chimp is going to be beating back US Soldiers, NAZIs, or whatever worrisome thing this scientist thought necessitated playing god in order to create super soldiers to resolve….

    But then, I’ve seen the propaganda videos of Soviets having what they claimed was a decapitated dog’s head hooked up to a mechanical heart/lung. So, yeah, there was a certain amount of mad science, if you could believe it. Which you probably can’t, because 90% of what they told themselves and 100% of what they told us were lies… Really, thinking about the particulars of how the Soviets used dogs in experiments (like the one they shot into space without bothering to come up with a way to bring it back down, or even kill it humanely) I feel that the country itself really hated dogs. Was Stalin bitten by one as a kid?


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