I Suggest Fingers in Ears

The right to practice one’s religion will be severely restricted in the 21st century. Oh sure, you can go ahead and chant, burn incense and make pleas to your gods within the walls of your church. 

But try to pray at a public event, a public sidewalk or allow a student to pray before a football game? 

The Daily Banner:

Bradley County Schools officials are still considering how they will respond to a controversy over a Christian prayer being broadcast at a local school football game. – snip –

The controversy began after a complaint was made over a student being allowed to say a prayer over the loudspeaker to help start a Bradley Central High School football game. 

The anonymous complainant, who self-identifies as a Bradley County Schools employee, reached out to an advocacy organization called the Freedom From Religion Foundation with this concern. 

Christopher Line, a legal fellow with the Freedom From Religion Foundation, sent a letter describing the employee’s complaint to Scott Bennett, attorney for the county school district. 

A video the complainant shared with the Banner showed a student was given the opportunity to lead the crowd in a Christian prayer at the game on Oct. 13, 2017.

After the game’s announcer gave the suggestion to “rise and remove your hats,” he introduced the student leading the prayer. After suggesting people bow their heads, this student thanked God for allowing everyone to arrive at the game safely and prayed for “safety and great sportsmanship” during the game.


Perhaps if the student had asked everyone to remain seated for the National Anthem, or if he had simply said “Hands up, don’t shoot…”

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