Well, Glad That’s Taken Care of

The Daily Signal:

The European Commission recently created a 39-member panel to explore avenues to eliminate fake news. On Twitter, it announced that it seeks to find a “balanced approach” to protecting free speech and making sure citizens get “reliable information.”

Nothing says free and open exchange of ideas like a 39-member international panel. High-Level Expert Group.

I keep seeing Ace and others identify far left behavior by saying “…this is how you got Trump.” I really don’t want to see what kind of twisted European reaction will come from the High-Level Expert Group.

The article mentions the social media crackdowns on hate in Germany and the UK.  Go ahead. Le the EU decide what is true. Prevent people from expressing their frustration on Facebook, Twitter and the like.

This is a recipe for failure.



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1 Response to Well, Glad That’s Taken Care of

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    What field of study makes one an expert on fake news? You could argue that Dan Rather should be an expert on real news, and knowing it’s true form, he should also recognize it’s inverse, and yet he accepted something clearly not produced by a typewriter as a typed memo from the late 60s. And didn’t he coin the phrase, “fake but accurate?”

    Let’s be honest, there probably isn’t such a thing as an expert on fake news. Rather, this is in all likelihood a gathering of people with an INTEREST in news, fake or otherwise. Some are likely propaganda artists to make the NAZIs (or Soviets) proud. Others don’t like competition from real but amateur news. As for actual fake news, which is to say, trusted news sources (such as the alphabet networks, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News) get it wrong, sometimes intentionally.. they aren’t interested. Maybe for Fox. They just want to stop Crazy Uncle Joe from sharing that UFO conspiracy and that carefully sourced and researched article on a scam that actually somehow exists. Because they like the scam, they don’t care about the UFOs.


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