Ung i Sverige

Young in Sweden is a group formed by Afghan refugees in Sweden. They are portrayed in the Swedish press as the equivalent of American “dreamers.”

The Gatestone Institute: 

To be sure, Young in Sweden does not just make demands. It holds illegal public protests, which have been marked by acts of vandalism and violence. It also arranges language courses. Swedish language courses for Afghans? No — courses in Persian and Dari for native Swedes. The group’s Facebook page describes these courses as an “integration project,” explaining that as Afghans become part of Swedish society, Swedes need to “take responsibility to be a part of that society as well.” Which is to say that if native-born Swedes wish to be full members of the new Swedish society, they must learn Persian and Dari.

Not all refugees are this thankless. Not all Muslims are violent. Not all refugees refuse to assimilate. I love all people. I don’t have a racist bone in my body.  There. I’m not even Swedish, so if the Swedes with to welcome immigrants from any country in the world, I don’t get a vote.

It also is important to note that the Gatestone Institute consistently posts stuff just like this article. So, they’re probable on somebody’s hate group list. Or they are focused on a niche, and very good at describing complex immigration issues worldwide. They are no fan of Islamic immigration anywhere, I think. Link.

Gatestone Institute

The head of Young in Sweden is a young woman named Fatima Khawari, who lives with her mother and siblings in a block of government-owned flats that was built for retirees. In other words, they are yet another family of immigrants who have been given precedence in housing waiting-lists over Swedish pensioners. 

Couldn’t happen here. Never mind.


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