America is Not Europe

When healthcare comes up, it is suggested that the U.S. is the only civilized nation without some form of socialized (gov’t run)  medicine. [Ignore Medicare, Medicaid and the V.A. They don’t count.]

Same with the death penalty. We lag behind our European cousins as we still barbarically put to death the mass murderers, serial killers and sexual deviants who murder to avoid capture.

Which brings us to the debate over free speech.

Colombia Journalism Review:

By Mathew Ingram

A TOXIC COMBINATION OF MISINFORMATION, hate speech, and online harassment is pushing several European countries to take action against social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. But some believe their actions—however well-intentioned — run the risk of stifling free speech and putting dangerous restrictions on freedom of the press.

You know what’s worse that misinformation and hate? Almost everything which is being tried. High fines for Facebook/Twitter and such. Hundreds of internet censors, hired to police thoughts and ideas.

The Artisan Craft Blog predicts that not only will the European experimentation with censorship end poorly, but as it fails…the U.S. will be encouraged to take this nuanced approach to freedom:

 While the US has the First Amendment, which provides even hateful speech with significant legislative protection, many European countries have a much more nuanced view of the balance between free speech and social order. But that is making it even harder for them to figure out where to draw the line, or where to have social networks draw it for them.

Nuanced censorship — and that’s what is coming — is still censorship. In the U.S. we decided a long time ago that there is no balance between free speech and social order. It is freedom of expression, assembly and speech which ensure the social order. [With freedom of religion and the Second Amendment, of course.]

I hope when these things come up, and Europe is discussed, that you mention that we are not Europe. We’re free.


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2 Responses to America is Not Europe

  1. As I have told several of my liberal friends over the years: If you think it’s better over there, go live there a couple of years and then come back. I think most of them will change their minds rather quickly.


  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    only civilized nations don’t have socialized medicine. Citizens of countries with socialized medicine are basically pets.


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