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We need a scale with which to measure fake outrage. Kyle Smith of National Review hints at a solution, in an essay on how millennials are being triggered by the inappropriate comedy of the sitcom Friends:

Working up a Cory Booker level of manufactured anger, Buzzfeed calls Friends “F***ing Infuriating,” citing among other transgressions the episode where Ross is taken aback when his son plays with a Barbie doll, the way everyone mocks Joey when he likes girly stuff, and “the homophobic and transphobic jokes about Chandler’s dad,” who was referred to on the show as a “drag queen,” named Helena Handbasket, and played by Kathleen Turner. 

In the future, all fake outrage must be measured in bookers.  A single booker would be the outrage at hearing that the president thinks Haiti is a sh-hole. Link to story.


Funny how the first major player of the #MeToo movement is now tweeting an about-face and is saying women in power have to be held accountable for their actions, rather than supporting Kirstjen Nielsen. ( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

A single booker.

Levels of this fake outrage will follow the metric scale: a centibooker is 1/100th of a booker.  A kilobooker is the normal baseline level exhibited by Rosie O’Donnell. 

By the way, comedy is dead. Even the reruns.

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1 Response to From The Artisan Craft Blog Division of Weights and Measures

  1. Kyle Kiernan says:

    Was Hillary, parading out her faux outrage at the Benghazi hearings a pre-Booker event or was it merely an evolutionary step in the development of the full Booker tantrum?


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