Dividing a Country = Your Side Lost

Samuel Hooper, speaking of the effort by Remainers to have another vote on Brexit: link

 We hear much wailing about how Brexit has supposedly “divided our country”. This is mostly nonsense – the country was always divided over the EU, it’s just that the side who were used to having their way for 40 years suddenly find themselves unable to call all the shots, often for the first time in their living memory. The balance of divisiveness now tilts the other way.

He has summed up the entire American political landscape. Replace Brexit with any Trump proposal, and EU with any progressive agenda item. Respell colour and honour without the “u,” and play with the collective verb and noun agreements* and his essay is about America in 2018.

In the case of the US, the bureaucracy, activist judiciary and even elements of the federal law enforcement (Dept. of Justice and FBI) are working to undo what elected officials are trying to accomplish.

At least the Remainers seem to nominally support democratic decision making.

*For more on the British insistence on using plural verbs while using collective nouns, read this.  They say “Apple have sold a lot of i-Phones.” 

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