Fleas, Sofa Tags and the Tyranny of They

From rickthomas.net: 

and h/t insanitybytes

Have you ever trained a flea? It’s a simple process. You place a flea or a flock of fleas (not sure if a flock is a right word), in a Mason jar, and tighten the lid.

Next, you leave the flea(s) in the jar for three days. After the three-day time limit, remove the Mason jar lid. You will have a trained flea; it will never come out of the jar. Never.

Should you have more than one flea in the jar and if they are of the opposite sex, their offspring will never come out of the jar as well. Though there is no lid to hinder the fleas, they will be in permanent captivity.

Both the above articles address abuse within a Christian context, but I read something else into this. Like the example of the frog in heated water, the flea is a metaphor for humans.

To me, too many people have been in a jar, their freedoms limited by political correctness, harping of others and by the slow, governmental encroachment on our liberties.

I had a funny conversation with an older relative about sofas, ending with me snarking that we should cut off the tags on the back. He said “…I think they want you to keep those on.”

They. The man was in a jar, and didn’t know it.

I really hope that in 2018, we’ve unscrewed the lid and a few brave souls already see there is life outside. 

I’m not in favor of lawlessness, but laws have to have a legitimate reason. They have to prevent a reasonable wrong. Laws that limit our liberty must especially be justified.

The same with government action. If you’re gathering information on me, it had better be for a legitimate purpose. If you’re leaking information to the press, be prepared to face the consequences. If you’re deep in a bureaucracy, and you use that role to limit the rights of others, plan on getting a lawyer. 

Lois Lerner, Deep State Activist

The same with our lawless protests.If you take to the streets because you really believe the patriarchal, globalist, racist, evil, anti-environment nationalists need a good drubbing…remember that police cars and Starbucks don’t belong to you.


Smashing them makes you a goon, not a hero. Remember also that when you use violence to stop a peaceful speech, you’re more fascist than the speaker. 

Many of us now believe that it is the left that has become the they.  They want the government in charge of large parts of our lives. They want experts with no accountability to guide government policy: I’m looking at you, Southern Poverty Law Center. They want to limits freedoms in a purge of so-called hate speech. They have advanced degrees in sociology and women’s studies, and dreams of working in think tanks. 

They will not get their way.

Over my dead keyboard.



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  1. The Shoveler says:

    Its hilarious because Joss Whedon, a huge lefty, made the best libertarian speech in Serenity:

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