Southern Poverty Law Center Tracking Hateful Hashtags

Which is easier than using the law to alleviate southern poverty, I suppose.


The SPLC is tracking hate hashtags, including #merrychristmas, #christmas and #maga.

These folks parody themselves.

h/t CBN News…probably also being tracked, since they have that name in their title.

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1 Response to Southern Poverty Law Center Tracking Hateful Hashtags

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Are they actually tracking any “hate” tags? Christmas and Merry Christmas are almost the exact opposite of hate. It’s morally equivalent to saying “I love you” is a declaration of hate. Make America Great again is not hate either. At most, they could make an argument in regard to “defend Europe.” Though even then, the argument would likely fail, as it can’t be considered wrong for a civilization to want to defend it’s existence.

    I hate the SPLC. They spread far more hate than they defend against. Pretty much every organization that receives money in order to end something has a vested interest in it going on forever. Either they start looking at things that a rational person would not accept as being a problem, or they gin up more of the thing they’re fighting. In either case, they end up being a problem, either a new one, or a vested interest in the old.

    Remember PETA getting angry over Obama swatting a fly? That should be a headline in The Onion, not Reality. The SPLC is exactly the same.

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