Those G*ddam Trumps Are At It Again

Melania Trump Orders Removal of 200-Year-Old Tree From White House Lawn screams the Salon Magazine headline from your phone or tablet.  “The b*tch!,” you reflexively respond.  “She probably didn’t like it blocking her view,” you automatically think.  “They’ve got to go,” you once again resolve.

From CNN:The tree has had a long and storied life, yet has now been deemed too damaged and decayed to remain in place. — Dave

Well, congratulations.  You’ve just been used as a tool by our lying media.  Again.

Everyone here knows I despise Donald Trump and wish he had never become President of the United States.  In fact, on my Politician Despiso-meter, President Trump, on a scale of 0 (being no politician who immediately comes to mind) and 10 (being Hillary Clinton), rates a solid 9.99.  The only reason he doesn’t rate a perfect 10 is because of the one undeniably great thing that he has accomplished in becoming President- he kept Hillary Clinton from becoming President.

But there’s plenty of legitimate reasons on which to base a dislike of Donald Trump, his administration and the people he’s brought with him to Washington.  You don’t need media outlets like Slate manipulating you to discover those reasons on your own.  Do they think that you are that weak-minded?  Do they really have such a low opinion of your intelligence that you won’t come to the right conclusion unless they lead you to it through manipulation and lies?  Of course they do.

David Edgren

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