The War on Christmas

David Prentice at American Thinker points out the fact that the left seemed to have won the battle to change “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays.” Seemed.

Maybe this sounds like a silly issue to you.  Trust me: it’s not.  Leftists are really dedicated to this battle.  They know it’s not inconsequential.  When your ideological opponents know there is an issue to fight for, you should stand up and take note.

I see this battle as at the heart of the left’s war on our Judeo-Christian values.  This battle to make us ashamed of saying an obvious and genuinely non-offensive phrase (except to a few Grinches) is a way of making us spite our own faces.  It’s a trademark for the atheist left: they force false shame down our throats like the good totalitarians they are.  Clucking at just how unfair and offensive it must all be at first, they then bring any town, school, or organization to court, demanding compliance.  Like Scrooge before redemption, they silently say, Bah, humbug.  You can have only holiday or winter concerts in school, where you sing only about Frosty.  It’s a part of the politically correct linguistics the left wants us to use.  

Happy holidays.  Blah, and meh.  Most advertisers use it.  The corporate world uses it.  Stores selling Christmas gifts use it.  And it’s an awful phrase.  A P.C. whitewash at best.  It has worked.

Until now.

You’ll have to read the rest, but the “until now” part has to do with somebody who has shaken things up a bit lately. 

By the way, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and traditional Korean New Years are practiced on each year on dates that don’t correspond to January 31.  Bosh Hashana is the Jewish New Year.  The Arabic New Year or Hijri New Year celebration is September 11th this year. [Yeah. It spooks me a bit, too.]

Such diversity, but nobody asks us tells us to stop wishing people a Happy New Year.

It’s all about the baby in the manger. And the cross. 


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