But Nobody Would Drink the Milk

Bill Schmalfeldt is nearly done with his  lawsuit against several individuals who had the temerity to respond to his bullying. As in situations like this, you might have to trust me that Bill is the bad guy, and the people he has sued are good.  Read Hogewash! daily, and you’ll get a sense of why I say that.

Or Google.

John Hoge notes that Schmalfeldt has in the past failed to inform the court when he has moved. Hoge is pretty sure Bill Schmalfeldt has moved again, without informing the court. The Sonoran Conservative agrees, and both men are willing to mock, laugh and point.

Bill Schmalfeldt has always taken the position that if his opponents avoid process servers, or make his lawfare difficult by not posting their true addresses on the internet…well, that’s cowardice. That’s the only position he has consistently taken. Well, sitting. But that doesn’t count.BILL ANVIL

John Hoge strongly hints that Schmalfeldt may face some legal action as a result of his 8 failed lawsuits. It has long been suggested that courts could designate Schmalfeldt as a vexatious litigant, which is a nicer term than his victims use. Any future litigation would require knowing Schmalfeldt’s true address.

Either Schmalfeldt will inform the court of his whereabouts, or we will have to start putting his picture on milk cartons.

Be well, everyone.

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5 Responses to But Nobody Would Drink the Milk

  1. wjjhoge says:

    Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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  2. Drink it? Wouldn’t they have to be persuaded to buy it first?

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  3. monitor2112 says:

    The Cabin Boy™️ doesn’t respect himself, so how is it he thinks he can force others to respect him.
    And just to go in with the blogs theme:

    The Cabin Boy™️ has the right to say whatever stupid shit he wants, while everyone else has the right to mock him for doing so.

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