This Story Has Everything!

Just days before Rudolph flies off to draw Santa’s sleigh at Christmas, dozens of his reindeer kin have received a death sentence after a Norwegian court ordered they be slaughtered to preserve pasture land.

The country’s Supreme Court said in a statement it had ruled “valid” a demand by the state for reindeer herder Jovsset Ante Sara, 25, to reduce his 200-strong herd to 75.

The reindeer will need to be killed to save the environment from over-grazing. So, does an environmentalist side with the deer or the vegetation? There are indigenous rights here, as the owner (herder) is a Sami…

Image result for Sammy Davis Jr

No, not that Sammy.

So, the native indigenous Norwegian is being forced to slaughter animals, because the white man (and boy, are Norwegians white!) orders it.

All just before Christmas!

He says that he cannot make money if he slaughters so many, which kinda makes sense. Whatever market there is for reindeer meat (and you know there’s a market for it) clearly the Sami need to avoid flooding the market with reindeer venison.


Sami artist Maret Anne Sara stands near her art piece of 400 reindeer skulls hanging in front of the Parliament building in Oslo

This is the sister of the reindeer herder, an artist who hung 400 reindeer skulls in front of the Norwegian Parliament…out of boredom and protest, I think.

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2 Responses to This Story Has Everything!

  1. Is this where we share venison recipes or…?


  2. JorgXMcKie says:

    I’d try some reindeer sausage.


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