Excellent Metaphor

NoBull Cause:

Determining when speech is hateful or harmful is the Trojan Horse of political correctness.

In the name of social justice and diversity, good people are being coerced to happily follow the path of political correctness, yet they are destined to drown in a sea of oversight and oppression.

Prohibited speech is the inevitable result of attempts to protect people from “harmful” words and ideas. When words become equated with violence, freedom of speech is the inevitable casualty.

Being a more simple guy, I consider “hate speech” as a concept to be the first or second peanut in the bowl. First we tolerated the most sensitive of folks to tell us “You can’t say that!” 

Now the enforcement comes in the form of Twitter and Facebook bannings, and crowds who disrupt speakers. Eventually we will eat the whole bowl of nuts, or the Trojan Horse opens up, and our freedoms are gone.

I hate hate. Dislike Nazis. Don’t like racists, sexists and judgmental people. On the other hand, I’d prefer to keep my rights, even if it means I occasionally see offensive or controversial things.

Trojan Horse indeed.

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