Quote of the Day: Dershowitz on Mueller

Fox News:

“So attacking Mueller may appear to be a win-win tactic for the team – certainly a lot better than firing Mueller.  Fortunately for the Trump team, Mueller has played into their hands by his sloppiness in conducting the investigation.  He has been incautious with his choice of personnel – too many of them seem biased against Trump, not only by their backgrounds, but by their tweets and messages.  When you go after a president, you must be Caesar’s wife – above suspicion or reproach.  Mueller seems to be failing the Caesar’s wife test.  Moreover, the manner by which he acquired emails and other documents from the Trump transition team may raise some legal questions.” — Alan Dershowitz

At the precise moment that nearly 100% of the country feels that Washington DC insiders are ruining America, a Washington insider is investigating the president with a staff which obviously backed his opponent, using emails which do not relate to his mandate, and indicting people for crimes which occurred outside the time frame of his mandate.

Lives are being ruined in a grab for power.



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2 Responses to Quote of the Day: Dershowitz on Mueller

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    “When you go after a president, you must be Caesar’s wife – above suspicion or reproach.”

    If you’re talking people on the political left, Alan Dershowitz himself is pretty much the whole set of candidates.

    Though his example, the wife of a politician has rarely been above suspicion or reproach. Often, they’re the most suspicious one.

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  2. crawford421 says:

    Caesar’s line was just his excuse to divorce a wife he no longer wanted, so he could marry into a more advantageous alliance. There was less evidence his wife was sleeping around than there was of him being the Queen of Bithynia.


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