Same Report, Different Writers

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From the Most Excellent WUWT:

From the “you really should get your stories straight” department.

OK, here is press release #1 from the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA (USF HEALTH)

Melting of east Antarctic ice sheet could cripple major US cities

TAMPA, Fla (December 13, 2017)- The world’s largest ice sheet may be less stable than previously thought, posing an even greater threat to Florida’s coastline.

 So, that’s bad, right?

And, here is press release #2 from the UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AT AMHERST

Instability of antarctic ice makes projecting future sea-level rise difficult
UMass Amherst, Rutgers climate scientists say it will take time for events to unfold

AMHERST, Mass. – Authors of a new study that combine a well-established sea-level rise projection framework plus a model of Antarctic ice-sheet instability suggest in a paper released today that scientists won’t be able to determine until the 2060s which of two different sea-level rise scenarios is most likely to occur.

So, we really don’t know…based upon this new study.

Oh, wait, here’s another one out today, from RUTGERS UNIVERSITY

Sea-level rise projections made hazy by Antarctic instability
Scientists should have a much better understanding in a few decades how high the sea level could rise, Rutgers-led study says

It may take until the 2060s to know how much the sea level will rise by the end of this century, according to a new Rutgers University-New Brunswick-led analysis

They don’t know.

All of these press releases appeared within a couple of hours of each other on EurekAlert, which is a Science PR clearing house. They will all inevitably get turned into stories by the media. Who could blame the public for being confused when we have such certainty/uncertainty battles like this going on in climate science?

It seems Yogi Berra was right.

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”



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2 Responses to Same Report, Different Writers

  1. agiledog says:

    They don’t know, and they know they don’t know, but that hasn’t stopped them from making scary predictions in order to seize control of more of our everyday lives. If you control power/energy, you control everything about a modern person’s life. And that is why power generation is the primary target of the climate change crowd.


  2. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof…and that’s especially true if you plan to control our lives.

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