If You Wanted Donald Trump to NOT Be President…

And you really meant it…

You should have elected Hillary. Or somebody else. Hell, anybody else!

(Update below.)

Georgetown Law Professor Larry Barnett Tweets that Democrats are trying to usurp the power of the president, and Professor William A. Jacobson (Legal Insurrection founder) agrees:



I think this is right.

The peaceful transition of power is fundamental to our constitutional system. The attempt, which still in the courts, to prevent the Trump administration from appointing an Interim Director of the CFPB is not even the most stark such example.

Jacobson noted the failed (and dangerous) plot to convince electors to vote for Hillary in the Electoral College.

And so it continues, with

  • the apparent set-up of the incoming administration on a phony Logan Act violation,

  • the Mueller investigation that obviously has strayed far from alleged Russian interference in the election to post-election political strategy of the incoming Trump administration,

  • the unprecedented delay in confirming nominees that Dems didn’t even object to for the sake of depriving Trump of the ability to control the bureaucracy,

  • the rogue elements in the intelligence community and FBI leaking information (assuming news reports are not completely lying about their sourcing),

  • and so on and so on.

There has been a never-ending attempt not just to oppose Trump and Republican legislative and policy initiatives, which is legitimate politics, but to prevent the transfer of power. It is, as I wrote last August, a Slow-Motion Coup d’Etat, and it’s dangerous.

I’m not about politics here. The First Amendment is my passion. But no freedoms can be sustained when one party and philosophy acts in a way which takes power from the people. No one in the upper echelon of Republican politics seriously talked of flipping the Electoral College, or impeaching Obama. 

The Wikipedia page for the subject is here. Very weak stuff.

The left is trying very hard to undermine the President of the United States. Not just politically.  Dirty tricks, leaks, false statements and an apparently tainted DOJ investigation are all obvious signs.

Somebody owes Dick Nixon an apology.



Update: The Hell With the Constitution: (h/t Daily Caller)

That delay you’re Tweeting about is called the rule of law.

Oh, can we just thank the Republican voters of Alabama for sitting out the general election?

You will be hearing “…the Republicans nominated an accused sexual…” 

Republicans nominated an opinionated, somewhat sketchy judge. After the nomination, he was accused. Republicans in droves refused to vote again for him.

Right or wrong, that’s the timeline. But it will be twisted.

Now, when will Franken finally step down?

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