Freedom From Religion?

I found a blogger commenting on the Christian baker case, and found this perspective odd:

We Have Freedom FROM Religion Too

The Supreme Court is arguing a case concerning whether or not a baker, licensed to perform services to the public, has the right to refuse this service, wedding cakes, to law abiding gay couples.

My comment is still in moderation…which seems to be common at liberal web sites.


Rights come from God, according to our forefathers.  The U.S. Constitution is there to protect people and ensure rights. Deny God if you want to, but don’t pretend that rights come from government.

You really don’t have freedom from my religion, though I promise not to preach much here. If my prayer in a diner, or on a football field causes you angst, get over it.

If my God demands something, don’t expect me to be change my mind because the state says so.  Your so-called “freedom” is just a chain to enslave others. No thanks.

And the government can dictate to the baker because he is “licensed to perform services to the public?” All the more reason to get rid of most licenses issued by the state. Do they really license bakers? 

There is so much work to do if we will keep our liberty.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. - George Orwell

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5 Responses to Freedom From Religion?

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    One of the most important points in liberal ideology is that the state always has the right to compel you to do anything it has ordained, by force. They don’t hate tyrants, they only hate tyrants that aren’t on their side.

    Though it’s put better, that which is not mandatory is forbidden.


  2. Reading that article suggests the author believes that because the gay couple pays taxes and buys stuff, that somehow the baker is not allowed to hold religious beliefs. While the article does not, IMO, offer anything in support of the headline, it seems as though that based on the gay couple’s lawful activities that somehow means their non or alternative religious beliefs trumps the business owner’s religious beliefs.

    It is true that you have the right not to practice any religious belief, but it sure doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to be free from exposure to it. Tolerance is about accepting everyone has a viewpoint, even if you don’t agree with it.

    The couple could have easily bought a cake from someone else. They chose to drive home a point that government must compel someone to stop being a person when conducting business, and to strip constitutionally protected rights in favor of the customer throwing a toddler tantrum.

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  3. Did they want a cake, or did they want to force a Christian to bake them a cake? Or did they just want an argument?


    • onwyrdsdream says:

      What is the limit of the government’s cakepulsive power, in the author’s view?
      If the government has the power to force a cake maker to make a cake for someone he doesn’t want…
      Can they force a vegan cake maker to make a meatloaf cake with mashed potato frosting?
      Can they force a cake maker to cook other things for gay couples?
      Can they force a gay cake maker to make a cake that says marriage is a union only between a man and a woman?
      Can they force a cake maker to cook when he doesn’t want to? E.g., can they force chick-fil-a to open on sundays?
      Can they force a cake maker to cook without compensation?
      Can they use force to make anyone do what they do not wish to do?

      What is the difference between being a citizen and being a slave, in the author’s view?

      I’m honestly fine with marriage being defined loosely. Much like sex, so long as it doesn’t involve me and it does involve consent, I don’t care what others do. That said, consent is important to me in all of life’s transactions. You should never be able to force me to do anything when I have no contract with you.
      How many people who think you should be able to force a baker to bake a gay wedding cake have no problem with the idea of a gun shop owner refusing a sale that makes him uncomfortable?


  4. monitor2112 says:

    Not for nothing, but I think the license mentioned is your standard business license…not that the bakers get their own license.

    Your point stands anyway, and I am in agreement with it.


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