I Agree With Former President Obama

Obama added that “it’s hard to have a conversation if somebody says, ‘Well, climate change is a hoax.’”

“I don’t know what to do with that,” Obama said, adding, “If you’re saying it’s a hoax, then there’s no way for us to bridge our differences in a constructive way.”

He needs to read WUWT.

From a recent article:

Their research indicates that the atmosphere is not as sensitive to greenhouse gas warming as claimed by the IPCC and its followers. This lack of response includes both types of warming claimed in the 1979 Charney Report published by the National Academy of Sciences – the direct effect of modest warming from CO2 as established in laboratory experiments, and the indirect effect of greater warming from increased water vapor as speculated by climate modelers.

Further, the research indicates that the latest types of models used by the IPCC greatly overestimate the influence of CO2, in general. Averaging the results of these models creates nothing more than a general overestimate.

Very sciencey. Want the short version? The science is not settled.

It is warmer today than it was in the past. We’ve had Ice Ages in which the temperature of the Earth was really low. Have humans caused warming? How much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses is too much? Is there a natural ebb and flow of temperatures over millions of years? Will it turn out to be a really dumb idea to put all those cities really close to the ocean?

The science is not settled. There is no way to bridge the differences with people who consider man-made global climate change with the exact same level of faith as Catholics view the transubstantiation.

Really, if you wanted to debate the existence of God with someone who insists that they don’t know how to talk with you until you admit that the Eucharist is the literal body and blood of Jesus Christ…wouldn’t that snuff out debate? 

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