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I’d Like to Apologize About My Attraction Toward Teenage Girls

There was a time when I was completely obsessed with teenage girls. My fascination extended for several years. I even touched one in a place which we nicknamed the “erogenous zone.”* I had an appropriate relationship with a seventeen-year old … Continue reading

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Surf the Internet Carefully Today

Texas Tribune: U.S. Rep. Joe Barton, R-Ennis, released a statement on Wednesday apologizing for a graphic nude photo of him that circulated on social media earlier this week.  It’s always the folks you actually don’t want to see naked, amIright?

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Canadian College Punishes Speech About Pronouns

Will adverbs and conjunctions still be debated in public?  From WinteryKnight: This story comes to us from Ontario, Canada, home of the famous fascist Ontario Human Rights Commission, which prosecutes people for having thoughts that are not approved of by … Continue reading

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The Most Surprising News is Not That David Cassidy is Dead

He had been very ill for a while, and I’m glad he isn’t suffering anymore. The most surprising news is that this guy was 67:  Growing old stinks at times. Watching your teen idols age and die is worse. Variety … Continue reading

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What If the Allegations Are Untrue?

Charlie Rose has admitted fault but thought the young people working with him wanted to see his nakedness. Jeffrey Tambor has resigned from Transparent because he has been accused of improper behavior by an assistant: Variety: “I am aware that … Continue reading

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“Hey, you got any pictures of Charlie Rose with his hands…”

The editors at Breibart just want to make me laugh: Report: Charlie Rose Accused of Lewd Calls, Nudity, Groping by Former Employees Now, I know it’s not a funny situation. I think these guys need greater punishment that just unemployment.  … Continue reading

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Delinquent Voices and Lost Revenue

Tina Brown, who says that Facebook-Google needs to pay the companies who send out reporters and cover stuff: Link “I am very angry and upset about the way advertising revenue has been essentially pirated by the Facebook-Google world, without nearly … Continue reading

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The Seven Sisters

John Hoge discusses the Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters today at Hogewash!.  

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Charles Manson

Is it hate speech to pray that there is a real, literal hell? And that Charlie is there?  On the other hand, the world is now a bit less evil.    

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You Say This Like ‘Doing Nothing’ Is a Bad Thing in This Case

They were not detained. They were arrested.  Sorry for no link, but Washington Post has a firewall, but they’re glad to feed me this in my email.

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